“Retrieved & “Gifted” UFOs the U.S. Government Has in Possession

By KEN KORCZAK Does the United States possess a crashed or fully intact “UFOs” that are not of human construction or origin? The answer is almost certainly “Yes.” That’s according to several well-placed, serious and credentialed scientists, intelligence operatives with high-security clearances, key figures in the corporate sector, legal field and former military personnel. Yes, … Read more

Did CIA Vet “Encode” True UFO Info Into Science Fiction Novel?

By KEN KORCZAK Let me start by revealing the “secret sauce” that purports to make The Cryptos Conundrum special and quite unlike any other standard science fiction book. It was written by long-time CIA operative Chase Brandon. He said he opted to write a book of fiction because he can’t publish the factual book he would like … Read more