Triangular UFOs of the U.K. — One Man’s Amazing Story


A UFO nonbeliever’s worldview is shattered in 1999 after he confronts a gigantic Triangle UFO over the British Midlands

The year was 1999, and British man Colin Saunders had just reached his 40s. He was enjoying a robust career in a technical engineering field. His precise and well-ordered worldview was about to be shattered, however.

Finding a more down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts, science-oriented guy than Colin Saunders would be challenging. Across his first four decades, he gave nary a passing thought to something as “fringy” as UFOs, and especially not UFOs invading our world from an alternate dimension of reality.

But then “The Phenomenon” came calling.

It arrived in the form of an enormous triangular-shaped craft that appeared out of nowhere. It came so close to Saunders’s car he could have “hit it with a cricket ball,” he said. It was so near the ground that one of its edges would “have hit the ground” if it had rotated its position.

The encounter occurred just after 9:30 p.m. on Fosse Way, a road that travels between the West Midlands villages of Pailton and Hinckley.

This was not some typical UFO sighting — a vague, anomalous light flitting across the night sky, then gone in seconds. Bolstering his case is that Saunders was not a single witness. Three others in the car were also witnesses, his wife, daughter and mother-in-law.

All four gaped in wonderment as the triangular object emerged — at first in a wavery semi-transparent form — to soon solidify more vividly and immediately into their reality as if “de-cloaking” from its chimerical form to present an unmistakably solid, metal-looking craft of impossible proportions.

It displayed weird and vivid surface structures, including areas of flowing surface metal and a maze-like structure that also consisted of mercury-like flowing metal.

Here was an object that had no respect for mere details like the laws of physics!

Forget the known rules of aerodynamics. This craft hovered silently, displayed no exhaust and presented no attached means of propulsion or lift like jet engines or anything else.

Bigger than a football field, the triangular behemoth defied gravity as it hovered over the serene countryside of the West Midlands under the power of what could only have been some unknown, extremely advanced technology.

Saunder’s immediate thought was that it could only be “alien technology” — period.


Colin Saunders’s mind-blowing encounter sent him on a years-long mission that would end up producing a unique contribution to ufology. His special skill set allowed him to build an extremely specific and accurate model of what he saw on that March night in 1999. For the first time, the world could now pour over the details and structure of what most likely was an alien or interdimensional craft from another world.

Author Colin Saunders with his UFO model. Photo from:  Facebook


Saunders started his career as an electrical draughtsman when he was just a teenager working for his uncle. He created drawings for machine tool control equipment.

He later took formal design training at Leicester Polytechnic pursuing its City & Guilds Electrical Technicians Certificate program. A fully qualified electronics draughtsman, he completed a stint designing printed circuit boards. He went on to land plum jobs in the aerospace sector.

Saunders worked for some of Europe’s top avionics firms. That included the likes of Messerschmitt Bolkow Blohm in Germany where he worked on the design of the Airbus A300 & A310. He later signed on with Sweden’s SAAB Aerospace and helped design that firm’s SF340, a twin-engine turboprop that’s long been a passenger favorite.

He also worked for offshore drilling rigs that added new dimensions to his skill set. This latter job involved numerous trips flying helicopters and other crafts, making him even more familiar with conventional airborne crafts. In short, Colin Saunders is unlikely to have mistaken the “alien” vehicle he saw for something normal.


Saunders emerged from his encounter a changed man. He was a person with a new mission in life. In his new book, Triangular UFOs of the United Kingdom, he describes the painstaking details and lengths he went through to create an extremely accurate model of what he saw on the night of March 31, 1999.

Never a UFO believer before, Saunders now found himself traveling the U.K. and to points abroad to attend UFO conferences. He was invited as a featured speaker for many such gatherings. Bringing along his model afforded him something no other UFO experiencer could bring to the table. On one such occasion, he writes:

“I was invited onto Central Live Weekend TV with Omar Fowler (a noted British UFO researcher), and I also took the model with me … I went on with my model and spoke to the presenters, Nicky Campbell was one, and I recalled the events of the night whilst showing the craft to the camera.”

The TV interview scored a rating bonanza of three million viewers — a remarkable achievement for a local Midlands TV program!

Now, a quarter of a century after his remarkable encounter, Saunders is still putting himself out there and making his case. He’s on a mission to tell others, to tell the world, that we are not alone. Thanks to his remarkable undeniable real-life experience — shared by his wife, daughter and mother-in-law — Saunders is not just a “believer.” He is a “knower.” And he’s not alone.


Saunders’s personal experience with a triangular craft is bolstered in his book with case after case of other British residents from all walks of life and professions who also encountered a remarkably similar UFO.

He also effectively makes the case that what all these people saw could not have been “one of ours,” as in the often-proposed TR-38, a supposedly top-secret U.S. Air Force craft of triangular shape that is so advanced (if it exists), some suggest it was produced using reverse-engineered alien technology.


Finally, the latter section of the book delves into the high strangeness aspect of triangular UFO encounters. In many cases, the object displays an awareness of the people observing them. It’s almost as if these triangular crafts want people on the ground to get an up-close and personal look.

Saunders and many others report a strange “out-of-body-like” experience in that they suddenly appear to be transported to within just a few meters of the object. He writes:

“As the craft floated its nose up into the air, I was looking at the surface and could see box sections interlocking quite clearly. I was then looking at the nose when I thought to myself, “This nose is very round and also very big.” In fact, I realized it was out of proportion with the rest of the craft. It was like someone had put a pair of binoculars in front of my eyes. I then realized I was so close to the nose (maybe six feet?), I couldn’t see the rest of the craft’s surface or any of the box sections, just a big, round grey nose stuck in front of me.”

Again, many other witnesses also report this same up-close viewpoint that comes upon them suddenly, as if they have been purposefully transported to within just feet of the object so they can make a thorough inspection.


It’s a profound mystery. Furthermore, Saunders reports that after sighting effects often linger for witnesses in the form of bizarre poltergeist-like activity in their homes, and also frequent malfunctions of all kinds of electrical equipment. In the days following a triangle sighting, witnesses may also encounter orbs of various sizes, sometimes in their backyards or larger, orb-like UFO in the skies above their homes.

And there’s much more — but I’ll stop there because I don’t want to give too much away. I’ll just say Triangular UFOs of the United Kingdom gets my top recommendation because it makes its case with volumes of hard-to-dismiss, case studies by credible witnesses of this special category of the UFO phenomenon.

It is interesting to note that, except for “lights,” the most common form of UFO reported by eyewitnesses are triangle or triangular-like flying objects, according to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in the United States.

Triangle UFOs far outnumber sightings of “flying disks.” NUFORC director Peter Davenport conducted a survey of 87,000 sightings reported since 1994 and found that 11,000+ of them were triangular UFOs as compared to just 6,460 that were shaped like flying saucers.


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