Jim Morrison and the Kax Demon: College Freshman Attempt Ouija Board Contact with The Doors Frontman

By KEN KORCZAK Three college students use a Ouija board to contact The Doors frontman Jim Morrison and get a lot more than they bargained for. A true story. (Author’s note: This is Chapter 2 of my forthcoming book, “Secrets of the Lost Ouija Board Files.” It documents my 50+ years of Ouija board use. … Read more

Lost on Skinwalker Ranch: A Former Night Watchman Shares His Mind-Blowing Experiences

By KEN KORCZAK The true story of an ex-military guy who took a night watchman job at Utah’s infamous Skinwalker Ranch and confronted one paranormal shock after another. This book purports to tell of genuine events of extraordinary paranormal happenings in a remote region of northern Utah, today the increasingly famous Skinwalker Ranch. That “fame” … Read more

Voices of the Dead: The State of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

By KEN KORCZAK Thousands of ghost hunters today routinely use electronic devices to capture “voices of the dead” — but is there serious science behind it? On October 21, 1987, Swedish photographer Claude Thorlin turned on his television set to Channel 4, only to find a blank screen. That was expected, however, because 37 years … Read more

Impossible Things: Roadside Bomb Sends Woman to Alternate Reality

By KEN KORCZAK Near-Death-Experience of an American civilian contract worker in Iraq is a mind-expanding story like no other. After getting blown up by a roadside bomb in Iraq, civilian contract worker Natalie Sudman “blinked” and found herself in another reality. It was a strange place indeed. Sudman discovered herself standing center stage in a … Read more

Did Neanderthal Culture & Religion “Invisibly” Carry Over Into Our Modern Society? We Know Their DNA Did

By KEN KORCZAK Controversial British psychologist Stan Gooch was years ahead of his time— but what did he get wrong about Neanderthals? Has Stan Gooch been vindicated? I think the short answer is yes. Of course, it’s more complex than that. There should be little doubt that when scientists finally confirmed through DNA analysis that … Read more

Dark Matter Monsters: Exotic Energy Physics Might Show That Bigfoot is Real

By KEN KORCZAK A sociologist makes his case that coherent matter, neutrinos, cold fusion effects and more create conditions that allow paranormal events to arise I have been waiting a long time for a book just like this one: Dark Matter Monsters. That’s because sociologist Simeon Hein Ph.D. has finally developed a solid, plausible and scientifically well-argued solution … Read more

Reptilian Encounter of Michigan Woman a Relentlessly Weird Story

By KEN KORCZAK Author Nancy Tremaine has solid witnesses, historical records and key data points to bolster her claims of lifetime alien and reptilian alien interactions. * * * *  THE LATE journalist Jim Marrs, who wrote bestselling books about UFOs and sundry conspiracy theories, described something he called the “mental boggle point.” That’s the point when … Read more

The Physicist and the Dead

By KEN KORCZAK SIR OLIVER LODGE was a top-tier scientist of his day. His legacy stands on the edge of greatness. If he wasn’t in the genius league of, say, a Max Planck or a Michael Faraday, he was a figure of historic significance in the field of experimental physics. His work with syntonics (we call … Read more

UFO of God & Synchronisity

By KEN KORCZAK When Chris Bledsoe came out with his long-promised UFO encounter book, my first notion was to take a pass. I have heard his remarkable story elsewhere numerous times over the past years. Bledsoe has made himself available for multiple interviews across many webcast platforms. However — I am glad I did not take … Read more

A UFO Manifesto: The Phenomenon Evolves

By KEN KORCZAK “The most we can do is dream the myth outward and give it a modern dress.” — Carl Gustav Jung That quote by the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung crashed into my mind as I was reading For All We Know: A UFO Manifesto. It’s Mike Fiorito’s latest book, which in many ways, defies … Read more