“Retrieved & “Gifted” UFOs the U.S. Government Has in Possession


Does the United States possess a crashed or fully intact “UFOs” that are not of human construction or origin?

The answer is almost certainly “Yes.”

That’s according to several well-placed, serious and credentialed scientists, intelligence operatives with high-security clearances, key figures in the corporate sector, legal field and former military personnel.

Yes, it’s all still hearsay no matter how credible the source. But let’s put that aside right now and run down who these “Yes-We-Have-a-UFO” people are and what they say.

Let’s start with:


James Lacatski holds a BS, MS and Ph.D., in nuclear engineering which he earned at the University of Tennessee. He is considered a world expert on fusion plasma as it operates in Torsatron reactors. He has also worked for the U.S. government in the field of directed energy weapons.

James T. Lacatski, D.Eng. Photo: Outtake from his co-authored book Inside the U.S. Government Covert UFO Program: Initial Revelations.

Dr. Lacatski became a significant figure in the UFO community after his book Skinwalkers at the Pentagon was published in 2021. His co-authors were Dr. Colm Kelliher, a Ph.D. biochemist, and broadcast journalist George Knapp. (See my book review: SKINWALKER)

The ‘Skinwalker’ book was loaded with numerous paranormal-type bombshells and other stories of high strangeness encountered by government scientists during a Department of Defense (DoD) study.

That study was a $22 million research program headed by Dr. Lacatski. The funding was secured via the efforts of three U.S. Senators, Harry Reid (D-Nevada), Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Dan Inouye (D-Hawaii).

That program was called AWSAAP, the Advanced Weapon System Application Program. Dr. Lacatski was the top man running AWSAAP.

In 2017, a New York Times now famous article about the Pentagon study created great confusion by misidentifying AWSAAP as AATIP. The latter was a far more mysterious program headed by Luis Elizondo. AATIP stands for Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

Anyway, Lacatski, Kelleher and Knapp recently published a follow-up book to Skinwalkers at the Pentagon. It is titled: Inside the U.S. Government Covert UFO Program: Initial Revelations.

It is in this book that Dr. Lacatski relates that he attended a “high-level meeting” wherein it was revealed that our government was in possession of a UFO craft of nonhuman origin.

Here is the paragraph in that book which makes this claim. It’s on page 131 of the Kindle edition.

“At the conclusion of a 2011 meeting in the Capitol building with a U.S. Senator and an agency undersecretary, Lacatski, the only one of this book’s authors present, posed a question. He stated that the United States was in possession of a craft of unknown origin and had successfully gained access to its interior. The craft had a streamlined configuration suitable for aerodynamic flight but no intakes, exhaust, wings or control surfaces. In fact, it appeared not to have an engine, fuel tanks or fuel. Lacatski asked: What was the purpose of this craft? Was it a life support craft useful for only atmospheric reentry or what? If it was a spacecraft, then how did it operate?”

That’s it.

The paragraphs and pages that follow this section move on to present a theoretical, technical discussion of how such a craft might operate, using what energy sources, how it achieves lift and so on.

But the takeaway for our purposes here is the fact that, apparently, a United States Senator, an undersecretary of an unnamed department and top Pentagon scientist Dr. James. T. Lacatski were discussing the possession of a “craft of unknown origin” with the strong suggestion it was of alien or some other nonhuman intelligent design.

I have subsequently seen a podcast interview or two with Dr. Lacatski in which he was asked pointedly by the host to say more information about this “craft if unknown origin” in possession of the U.S. government, but he only clams up and will not elaborate. He probably can’t say any more under the terms of his security clearance agreement.

By the way, I’m not a gambling man but I would be willing to bet a crisp, new $20 bill that the U.S. Senator in that UFO meeting was Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

In the summer of 2023, Sen. Rubio in an interview with The Hill said that a committee he sits on took “hours of sworn testimony from dozens of whistleblowers who spoke about multiple legacy UFO programs.” Sen. Rubio also told The Hill:

“Most of these people have held very high clearances with high positions within our government. So, you have to ask yourself: ‘What incentive would so many people with that kind of qualification — these are serious people — have to come forward and make something up?’ ” (Source: The Hill, August 4, 2023).


Close to the same time that Bob Lazar was coming out of the UFO closet to “whistle blow” about his experiences of working with UFOs at Area 51, there was another UFO whistleblower going around granting interviews with mainstream media outlets.

That man was Bob Oechsler. He died of cancer in 2020.

His stories were strikingly similar to that of Bob Lazar except that Oechsler had much better credentials and was much more of an open book in terms of his credentials. Unlike Lazar, Oechsler was not a man of mystery. He was a well-known and well-regarded mission specialist for NASA in the mid-1970s. His expertise was aerial robotics.

Bob Oechsler worked on high-profile projects like designing the docking collar used in the historic 1975 hook-up of a Soviet Soyuz capsule with a U.S. Apollo module. He also worked on the International Ultraviolet Explorer and other deep space projects.

In the early 1990s, Bob Oechsler granted several interviews in mainstream media outlets in which he frankly stated that he had seen both “operational UFOs” being tested in flight and UFOs parked in government facilities on several occasions.

In a 1993 interview on BBC Radio 1 with host Nicky Campbell, Oechsler makes some stunning statements. Here is a partial transcript of the interview:

CAMPBELL: You’ve seen, you say, retrieved craft. What was the expression you used? Hardware?

OECHSLER: Operational hardware.

CAMPBELL: You’ve seen this? In whose possession was it?

OECHSLER: I’ve seen it in both situations. I’ve seen them when piloted and guided presumably by nonhuman pilots. They clearly were not remotely operated vehicles.

CAMPBELL: Have you seen them in U.S. governmental care?

OECHSLER: Yes, and I’ve talked to a number of test pilots who have worked on the projects and test flight programs, worked with what you might call actual mechanics or physicists who worked on propulsion systems related to the vehicle and they report some extraordinary findings.

CAMPBELL: How close did you get to the vehicle?

OECHSLER: I’ve been within about 200 feet.

NASA Mission Specialist Bob Oechsler and his credential ID as an employee at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Image Source: EYES ON CINEMA


Bob Oechsler in several other mainstream media interviews said that former top intelligence guy, Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, flat out admitted to him that the U.S. was in possession of “several crafts” of nonhuman origin — and furthermore, Inman said these UFOs were “given” by the “aliens” to the U.S. government and were not crash retrievals.

Best of all, Bob Oechsler has the receipts.

By that, I mean that Oechsler’s telephone conversation with Admiral Inman was recorded, and Oechsler had no qualms playing parts of that recording to the media during his interviews.

By the way, Admiral Inman was the former head of the National Security Agency, Director of Naval Intelligence and Deputy Director of the CIA. Here is the key recorded statement that occurred between Oechsler and Admiral Inman:

OECHSLER: Do you anticipate that any of the recovered vehicles will ever become available for technological research outside of the military circles?

INMAN: I honestly don’t know. About 10 years ago, the answer would have been no. Whether as time has evolved, they are beginning to become more open about it is a possibility.

Shortly after this conversation, Oechsler was surprised to receive this terse call from the office of Admiral Inman. This was it:

INMAN’S OFFICE: Mr. Oechsler, this is Tom King of Admiral Inman’s office. Yes, you would be breaching confidence and be in violation of 53 laws in discussing his involvement in this matter. CLICK!

Admiral Inman is still with us today at age 92. However, he has 100% and completely changed his tune about the U.S. government’s possession of UFOs or alien spacecraft of whatever their origin. Now he flatly denies it.

In an interview on the Project Unity webcast one year ago, host Jay Anderson asked Admiral Inman repeatedly if the U.S. government has UFOs in its possession. Inman vehemently denied that this was the case or was ever the case.

Anderson kept at him for a bit, asking several more questions about any kind of knowledge Inman might have about the government and UFOs, but Inman would not budge. He was extremely insistent that he had absolutely no knowledge of government UFO stuff and that he believed there was nothing to such “rumors.”

Well … as we know … that’s the opposite of what he said about 30 years ago.


The two examples I have presented in this article are by far not the only well-placed individuals to come forward to tell what they know about the U.S. government’s possession of nonhuman crafts.

In my next article, I will discuss more high-profile, superbly credentialed and well-known witnesses who have come forward to tell what they know about UFOs in government hands. I will also discuss a famous “leaked memo” that one prominent ufologist called “the greatest UFO leak of all time.”


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