Top Scientists Who Hid Their UFO & Alien Contact Secrets for Decades

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The number of mainstream scientists coming forward and breaking their silence about their encounters with UFOs and alien beings is growing — slowly — but growing, nevertheless.

Researchers & professors now speaking out is a trend that’s lifting the taboo toxicity associated with “Anything UFO” out of the “fringe.” Historically, scientists who wanted to keep their jobs and “respectability” (and research grant money, tenure and credibility) understood the importance of steering clear of ufology.

But today I am going to introduce you to two scientists who you may have never heard of. They have chosen to break ranks under the sheer weight of their personal experiences with UFOs and aliens — life-altering events they simply no longer want to deny. I’ll also mention a third scientist who is now famous and a leading advocate for UFO disclosure.

Let’s start with:


Dr. Rapuano began his journey by earning a B.A. degree in neurobiology at the University of Pennsylvania.

He went on to earn his doctorate in neuropharmacology at the University of Connecticut.

He topped that off by nailing down a Juris Doctorate from the New York School of Law.

It was the start of an illustrious career during which Dr. Rapuano conducted leading-edge biomedical research as a cell biologist at internationally renowned medical institutions. That included:

  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City
  • Weill Cornell Medical College.

Dr. Rapuano is widely published in the top peer-reviewed scientific journals. To give an example of the kind of scholarly articles he’s authored, consider these titles:

Effects of arginine modification of Naja nigricollis and Naja naja atra snake venom phospholipases A2 on enzymatic activity, lethality and anticoagulant action.

Heat and Radiofrequency Plasma Glow Discharge Pretreatment of a titanium Allow Promote Bone Formation and Osseointegration.

Structure-activity Relationship of Human Bone Sialoprotein Peptides.

… and about 30 more.

So, I think we can dismiss any narrow-minded skeptic who would discount Dr. Rapuano as just another “UFO flake” or a “gullible believer.” His decades-long career of success in an advanced scientific field grants him excellent credibility.

Dr. Rapuano recently came out with a book titled Dominion Lost: A Scientist’s Own Alien Abduction Encounters. In it, he describes frightening encounters with UFO-like crafts and alien beings — including abduction and implant scenarios. It started when he was a boy growing up in New Haven, Connecticut.

It’s important to note that all of Rapuano’s memories of UFO/alien encounters are consciousness recalls — that is, he has never undergone hypnotic regression to retrieve his experiences.

He begins his story by telling of a spectacular UFO sighting in 1965 when he was about 10. He and some primary school friends were playing kickball in the front year of his family’s home. Suddenly, a blazing and “stunningly brilliant white object” appeared over them in the sky.

About a dozen children and adults witnessed the object with astonishment. Rapuano described it this way in his book:

“This was not a mere point source of light that could have been a star, planet, airplane, helicopter or jet aircraft … it was at least 2 ½ times as large as the full moon! … The light resembled the biblical Star of Bethlehem or a distant lantern with several symmetrical points.”

He adds:

“I’m not sure if I can accurately describe in a quantitative sense how fantastically brilliant the light was … assuming it was an artificial object, I cannot begin to estimate how many megawatts of power it would take to duplicate the intensity of the light it produces.”

Dr. Rapuano then describes a bizarre occurrence of missing time associated with the sighting. He believes he was somehow “taken somewhere else” but brought back before the other children noticed.

But this sighting is only one event in a childhood that seems interlaced with frequent interaction with classic “gray alien” beings. Rapuano now believes:

  • He has been abducted and taken aboard a UFO on several occasions where he was subject to the typical “medical exams” that so many other experiencers report.
  • He may have been given both a “nose implant” and “ear implant” by his alien abductors.
  • He bears a mysterious “scoop mark” on his left shin three inches below the knee. He writes: “The knee is still sensitive to and feels as if some of the bone was removed via a bone punch biopsy.”
  • Certain events during his childhood triggered vivid memories of “flying through the air” that is sometimes accompanied by a “being on either side” of him.
  • He suffered numerous mysterious nose bleeds and ear infections which are tied to specific memories of interaction with alien beings.
  • He has witnessed UFOs flying outside of his window when he was in bed.

And there’s more, but you get the idea.

Dr. Rapuano’s conclusions about his life as a contactee are dark and disturbing. He suggests a larger, malevolent agenda on behalf of the ETs that does not necessarily bode well for what’s ahead for mankind on our planet Earth.

Many abductees report similar, highly negative interactions with aliens and conclude the same. However, other abductees come to accept — after years of struggle — what has happened to them. They evolve to embrace a much more nuanced perspective that is generally positive.

Just one excellent example of this is the extraordinary experiences of licensed therapist Erin Montgomery in her book Dirty Little Secret: Confessions of an Alien Contactee. (SEE MY REVIEW).

Of course, the Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack concluded after thousands of cases and patients he treated and/or interviewed that, for the most part, the ET contactee experience trends towards positive. (SEE MY REVIEW OF MACKS BOOK: PASSPORT TO THE COSMOS)

This does not suggest Dr. Rapuano is wrong, however. His experiences with “ET” were frightening and invasive. His conclusions are justified based on his direct experience.

But now let’s move on to our next accomplished and respected mainstream scientist who also reports a lifetime of contact with UFOs and aliens. That man is:


Dave Shoup, Ph.D., enjoyed a stellar career as a successful academic and research scientist. He earned his doctorate in agricultural engineering from Purdue University in 1980.

Before that, he built an impressive résumé working for top-flight companies in the ag sector. He wrote computer simulation code for International Harvester where he also worked as a sales engineer.

After he nailed down his Ph.D., he accepted a job as a professor of agricultural and biological engineering at Florida States University. Many other plumb positions would follow with A-list institutions. He topped off his career by accepting the position of dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Southern Illinois University.

Shoup was also much in demand as a consultant and scientist-for-hire during his stellar career. He published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and conducted leading-edge research in his field. He wasn’t just a book-smart professor — he built working agricultural systems in the field that innovated ways to produce food.


Shoup encountered his first UFO when he was a boy in 1956. His father shared the amazing sighting. It happened on the share-cropping farm on which his hard-working family eked out a living near the tiny town of Ash Grove, Indiana.

On the day of his first sighting, Shoup was a tender five-year-old. He was bringing lunch out into a field where his father was harvesting with a combine. Suddenly, two classic flying saucer disks emerged out of the blue Indiana sky to hover near where Shoup and his father stood in their farm field.

AI illustration. Prompts by Ken Korczak

A herd of nearby cattle became nervous and retreated to hide under a tree. Shoup and his father did the same. The two disks made no noise. They merely came, hovered for a few moments and went on their way.

Dave Shoup said he was still “too little” to understand that he should have been more frightened. His father was deeply rattled, however, as were the cows. The herd avoided the area thereafter. His father warned his son to “never tell anyone and never speak of this again.” Thus, from an early age, Shoup learned that even talking about UFOs was risky.

It was only the beginning. Shoup’s encounters with UFOs and their concomitant weirdness followed him his entire life. As he navigated an academic and scientific career that many would envy — Dave Shoup all the while kept silent about his “secret other life.”

His experiences soon evolved beyond mere sightings of UFOs. In his book, UFOs: First Person (SEE MY REVIEW), he documents numerous paranormal incidents of high strangeness.

This includes other widely reported phenomena associated with UFO activity, such as encounters with Men In Black, harassment by seemingly black-op government agents, bizarre dreams and numerous uncanny incidents so weird that — well, I’ll leave it to you to check out his book to find out more.

Shoup said that keeping his UFO secret was an unending psychological burden. He writes that it often: “Destroyed my daily joy of living.” He said his “UFO secret” cost him friends and relationships. He constantly feared it would damage his career. At one point, he said, “I thought I would lose my sanity.”

Dave Shoup, Ph.D.

Even so, after Shoup reached the end of his career and retired, he felt compelled to finally expose his secret to the sunshine of public attention and opinion.

Writing a book about his lifetime of UFO encounters is his way of showing that successful scientists who worked at the top of their fields are not immune to “The Phenomenon.” He believes that the truth of the reality of UFOs must come to be accepted by mainstream science and the public at large.



My goal in this article was to present examples of top scientists that have come out as UFO/alien experiencers, but whom many readers here may not be familiar with.

Although Dr. Rapuano and Dr. Shoup have put out books, neither has garnered significant media coverage, even on the numerous “backwater” UFO podcast interview circuit found throughout YouTube and other platforms.

But there is no escaping a mention of:


Dr. Nolan is not relatively obscure like Rapuano and Shoup. Nolan is famous. Furthermore, Gary Nolan did not wait until retirement to come forward as a UFO experiencer. That’s what makes him special and incredibly significant.


Gary Nolan is among the most accomplished and respected scientists in the world. He’s an immunologist who earned his Ph.D. in 1989, studying under Noble Prize winner Dr. David Baltimore and Dr. Leonard Herzenberg.

Nolan today is the Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He has published more than 330 research articles and holds 50 U.S. patents. He has been honored as one of the all-time Top 25 inventors at Stanford University.

Long before Gary Nolan launched himself into the UFO realm, he achieved world renown and fame for his brilliant scientific achievements, including inventing leading-edge lab equipment that generated significant advances in genetics and immunology — and more.


Dr. Nolan’s first encounter came as a 5 or 6-year-old. He woke up in his bedroom day and was stunned to discover that classic “Gray Aliens” were in the bedroom with him. Decades later, Nolan came across Whitely Streiber’s book, Communion, in a bookstore. The cover displays the large almond eyes and oval-shaped face of a gray-like alien. In an interview with Stanford Magazine, he said:

“I just remember having a near nervous breakdown because it was what I had seen as a child in my bedroom.” (Source)

Later, at about age 11, Nolan was riding his bike on his paper route in Windsor, Connecticut. Peddling through a wooded park area, he saw at close range a classic UFO-like object moving across the sky not far above the trees. He got a really good look at it.

Today, Nolan is one among a growing cadre of extremely accomplished scientists, such as Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb, computer scientist, astronomer and venture capitalist Jacquees Vallée, physicist John Brandenberg and many others who are researching and advocating powerfully for the acceptance of an ET (or nonhuman intelligence) hypothesis.

They’re gaining more acceptance daily — and they’re probably on the right side of history.

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