The True Story of My Visit to a Parallel Universe


Today, I am going to tell you my story about a trip to a parallel universe in which I met and interacted with:

–> A parallel version of myself.

–> A parallel version of my home.

–> A parallel version of my three cats.

–> A parallel version of my chickens.

–> A parallel version of my vegetable garden.

–> An exotic female entity who may have been an elf or faery.

My story is 100% true.

Based on my direct experience, I can now say that the parallel universe theories that have been proposed by quantum theorists since the 1950s are grounded in reality.


Erwin Schrödinger: A physicist and Nobel Prize winner, he proposed in 1952 that superpositions falling out of his famous “Schrödinger Equation” suggests that our universe is a “Multiverse” composed of an infinite number of parallel dimensions or universes.

Hugh Everett III: Working independently, he brought out his now-famous Many-Worlds Interpretation in 1956. It posited that all possibilities of quantum superposition are “objectively real.” In other words, we live in a universe made up of an infinite number of parallel universes that are as solid and real as the one we experience ourselves in our normal lives.


For the record, I have been practicing Zen meditation for 43 years and lucid dreaming and out-of-body-travel for more than 35 years. I have many experiences in those latter two categories that might be considered “parallel world” experiences — as do many others who dabble in lucid dreaming and the OBE.

However, the journey I am going to describe to you today stands out as one of the most rock-solid and (for me) unquestionably real experiences I have ever had.  I don’t believe I visited a genuine parallel universe — I know I did — and one that must be “tucked in” close to our own “home base” universe.


Because I am a person who suffers from chronic pain due to a medical condition (for which I take no pain medication), it is often my habit to get up from our bed downstairs after about two hours of sleep.

After stretching out for a bit and getting my aching joints to loosen up, I sometimes retreat to the bedroom upstairs to sleep on another bed — it’s sort of a desperate attempt to “change things up” and eke out a couple of more hours of sleep on a different mattress.

On this particular night, as I limped up the stairs, I was already beginning to feel odd, as if my mind was shifting into a different mode of consciousness. As an experienced practitioner of Zen meditation, this is no big deal because I am long accustomed to “getting out of the way” to objectively observe what is happening with my mind.

Reaching the top step, I felt that I was already transitioning into a theta brainwave state (a “no-thought” but “aware”) condition familiar to me. Then, at the very instant I reclined on the bed — with zero time to fall asleep— I immediately felt myself rising straight up and floating toward the ceiling.

This did not feel like a lucid dream or OBE experience with which I am well familiar. Rather, I felt entirely awake and had no chance to pass into the sleep state, although my mind was in the wonderful calm of theta. Again, my long-studies and practice with the out-of-body state meant that I knew exactly what to do when I felt myself floating up and away — do nothing!

I just let it happen. I stayed calm and observed what was taking place.

One thing I did know: I was going for a ride!

Just before I contacted the ceiling of the bedroom, I suddenly found myself immersed in a vast ocean of what looked like viscous ribbons of rusty orange streamers undulating all around me. It was like I was below the surface of the ocean surrounded by thick leafy blades of kelp or sargassum seaweed. The space in between these flowing yet solid-like energy waves was black as outer space.

I continued to float upward and the “orange energy kelpy” stuff was getting thicker — when suddenly — out of these flowing folds of energy two very human arms reached out and embraced my body!

Detail from Lorenzo Lotto art (1480–1456) “Madona with Child and Saints and Angel” (Public Domain)


Now, readers, if you want, take a moment to touch the arm of a friend, child or loved one. Or just touch your own arm. Feel the warmth of the skin, the immediate sensation of the muscles just beneath the surface–- and feel how there is no doubt that you are experiencing direct contact with another living being.

That’s how viscerally real these arms felt to me there in my extraordinary situation. They didn’t feel like “ghostly” arms or anything not human.

I thought of these guiding limbs: “They must belong to one of my guides!”

Most people who practice astral travel or meditation or lucid dreaming often speak of their astral guides or spirit guides or helper being or whatever. Folks wiser than I say that we all have guides whether we know it or not.

In my decades of practice, however, I have had extremely little contact or interaction with guides, even though I sense they are around, and have glimpsed them on extremely rare occasions. I’ve come to learn that the general attitude of my guides toward me goes something like this:

“Let Ken fend for himself and figure stuff out on his own. He can tough it out and solve his own problems. If he gets into a jam, well, he’ll just have to learn the hard way. That way he’ll grow faster.”

That’s what makes this experience I was having right now so extraordinary. Never have any of my guides ever intervened or lent a helping hand (arms!) so overtly and directly.

Why this time?

Whatever the case, since I was now embraced in the arms of a guide and getting direct help I did not request, I called out to whoever or whatever was attached to the arms:

“Hey! If you are one of my guides, why not show yourself so that I can see what you look like?”

With that, a head and shoulders emerged out of the flowing orange strands. What I saw was an androgynous, human-looking figure. It was a man/woman who was remarkably handsome/beautiful.

Troy Donahue (Public domain image cropped for size)

In fact, I can safely say this “guide” held a close resemblance to that old Hollywood actor, Troy Donahue, with just a vibe of femininity added in.

He/she had glowing fair skin with a peachy sunshine glow and burnished gold-blond hair. My guide graced me with a wry grin that communicated to me the impression he/she was indulging me, albeit somewhat begrudgingly, as if to say:

“Okay, here is what I look like. I hope you’re satisfied.”

I was!

With that, the guide pulled his/her head back into the folds — and within the next few seconds –- ! WHUMP ! — I landed somewhere!

Wherever I was going, I had arrived!

At first, I thought I was just back in my room again on my own bed. But this notion was quickly dispelled by my three cats — or I should say — what I immediately realized were different versions of my three cats. In my normal world, our cats love to sleep with their humans. Now, here in a parallel world, my three cats were still with me — but each cat was the parallel universe version of himself or herself.


One of my cats is an all-black domestic male shorthair. His name is Pod. But Pod’s alternative version was an all-black longhaired cat! The amazing thing is that I could intuitively sense that this was still my Pod, the cat I know, except in this alternative universe, he had long hair and not short hair.

My feeling of total amazement at encountering an alternative version of Pod is, to this day, beyond expression. I struggle for words here to convey the sense of wonder I was feeling — and my journey was just starting!


My next cat is a grayish-brown tabby who is polydactyl, meaning he has extra toes. His name is Proteus. He has a total of 28 toes whereas a normal cat has 20 toes. Oddly, this Proteus in the parallel universe of my bedroom was just about a duplicate of my “normal” 7-toed Proteus. There were some minor differences which I won’t get into.

My seven-toed cat Trantor.


My third cat is a female, gray-striped tabby. Her name is Skrayling. But this is where things get weird. Skrayling looked the same for the most part — except incorporated into her fur were a set of greenish feathers!

That’s right! My parallel universe cat had feathers!

This Alt-Skrayling sported three or four elements of plumage on both sides of her body. I wondered if in this universe it was normal for cats to feature vestigial wings. I stroked her fur and felt the feathers — sure enough, they were attached to her skin in the same way wings might be attached to any chicken or bird.

What’s odd is how normal it seemed and how perfectly natural it looked for a cat to have bird feathers incorporated seamlessly within her fur coat.

Even so, I was filled with a sense of uncanny awe that I was there with three analogs of my own cats here in this just slightly off-kilter alternate universe.


After I finished inspecting my parallel-world-version cats, petting them, talking to them, complimenting Alt-Skrayling on her feathers and telling all three cats they were nice and that I loved them— I turned to look around my room.

Again, this situation was so odd that I find myself grasping for an effective way to describe what it was like to be where I was. You see, this was the room I was familiar with but, at the same time, there could be no doubt that this was a different room. Some aspects of the room were completely different while others were totally the same.

The walls of my normal room are a mild Parmesan yellow, but this Alt-room had walls I would describe as sepia rose. The two whitewood dresser cabinets were the same, except perched atop one of them was a small TV.

In my own world, I have no TV in this bedroom!

Another thing I noticed was an enclosed chimney structure rising from the floor to the ceiling — again, this feature is absent in my home-world bedroom.


As I sat on the edge of the bed and looked around the bedroom, my head was turned to my left when I suddenly felt the mattress sink as if someone had sat down beside me to my right.

I turned — and the person — “the being” — I encountered now sitting next to me on the edge of the bed was the most stunning, astounding, supremely remarkable and just one-thousand-percent mind-blowing individual I have ever encountered — and I’ve seen a lot in the astral & lucid dream universes!

As I sit here poised over my keyboard, I find myself feeling inadequate and struggling to conjure the words that could truly describe in a way that does justice to the marvelous appearance of this “person-being-entity” who now sat next to me.

Before I could utter a word, she reached out and enfolded her arms around my shoulders in a loving embrace.

I will try to describe her:

–> She was about four feet tall. The best descriptive word I can produce to characterize her head and face is “elfin.” She has fawn-like eyes that were long and pointed at the outside ends and the inside corners.

–> Her eyes were larger than a normal human’s. If you can, try to imagine wide, dilated jet-black pupils that nevertheless glowed from within. It was as if the obsidian blackness of those pupils was a form of light itself— like Hawking radiation.

–> The fair skin of her face was white gold warmed by an almost imperceptible hint of rose. Her complexion shone from within as if generated by organic-angelic bioluminescence.

–> Her nose was tiny and upturned at the tip just slightly and narrowed to a soft, rounded point.

–> Her full lips were ruby red pillow cushions with the corners of her mouth slightly upturned in a demure, coquettish smile.

–> Her hair was a dusty honey-blond cut in an archaic pixie style and gathered under — I know this will sound unbelievable — a crimson velvet hat that was shaped like, you know, sort of a “Robin Hood” hat.

–> Her outfit — it’s almost indescribable! — was a fabulously graceful off-the-shoulder Bardot top. From the shoulders down, it was a tight-fitting tunic/blouse that hugged her torso over ample breasts down to a slender waist.

–> The material of her top was of a sumptuous & luxurious Charmeuse-like fabric. The color scheme was a combination of greens, reds and ivory whites in a pattern that invoked (for me) the vibe of ancient Celtic jewelry.

–> She exuded an exotic yet barely perceptible scent that I would describe as a delicate lilac counter-balanced with the slightest fragrance of burnt white sugar.

As this divine creature held me in an embrace, I was rendered speechless. Asking something as simple as, “Who are you?” or even just saying, “Hello” was something I could not do.

This embrace lasted for perhaps a minute and then I felt a micro-instant of psychological disassociation — and the Elfin-Faery woman was gone, leaving me there sitting on the edge of my Alt-bed in my Alt-bedroom along with my three wonderful Alt-cats.

The loving, soul-warming embrace of the Elfin-Faery woman — more beautiful than Artemis — is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I often wonder: “Who is she?” I still don’t know.


I have much yet to tell you about my trip to a parallel universe. In Part 2, I will describe:

–> Going downstairs and exploring the rest of my Alt-Universe home, including the differences in furniture, implements and other common facets of a home.

I meet a parallel version of myself! He looked like my twin brother — but he was “not me” — on the other hand he “is me” — in a super weird parallel universe sort of way.

I encounter the parallel universe analog of the chickens I keep in my “hobby farm” yard here in remote, rural Minnesota. I was stunned to see some amazing and exotic “Alt-chickens” that I won’t soon forget.

The parallel universe version of “Myself” takes me on a tour of his vegetable garden which turns out to be an Alt-version of my own garden here in my own version of Minnesota.

I will describe how I found my way back to my “home universe.”


Note: For more true stories of paranormal and transcendent experience, please see: KEN-ON-MEDIUM

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