Part Two: My Journey to a Parallel Universe

A glimpse into a Parallel Universe? Psychic Photo by KEN KORCZAK


Author’s note: This is Part II telling the story of my ‘slip” into a parallel universe and what I encountered there. In PART ONE I described my experience with:

–> Meeting the Alt-version of my three cats as they existed in the parallel universe.

–> My intense encounter with a female Elfin-Faery-type entity.

–> Aspects of my home and how it both differed and matched my ‘home universe.’

–> How I managed to travel to a parallel universe.

Here in Part II, I will describe:

–> My encounter with the parallel universe version of my chickens.

–> Meeting my twin ‘Alt-self’ in the parallel world.

–> Meeting my ‘Alt-self’s’ son.

–> Quirky aspects and phenomena that occur while in a parallel universe.

And more.


After my brief but incredibly profound experience with the Elfin-Faery woman, I was eager to get up and explore the rest of my parallel universe home. I had no idea how long I would be here.

Normally, OBE or lucid dream journeys can collapse when you least expect it and often before you’ve experienced all that you want.

Walking out the bedroom door, again, I was confronted with a “version” of my home that was not my home. It was similar, in some cases identical to my real home, but with enough differences to indicate that I had traveled to a parallel world.

I don’t want to get bogged down in a lot of nitty-gritty details, such as describing how the furniture was the same or different or how the flooring was not the same, and so on.

But as I reached the bottom of the steps, a quick look around revealed some startling alterations in a home that was “my house but not my house.”

For example, in my own home, we have an indoor woodstove (a blessing during our frigid northern Minnesota winters) but this Alt-home had a much grander woodstove. I was jealous!

The Alt-stove featured marvelous stainless-steel fixtures and gilding flourishes that beautifully accentuated the underlying black cast iron. The Alt-stove was also an upright antique model while mine is of a rather bland utilitarian, horizontal design.

What next drew my attention was the south wall of the living room.


In this Alt-universe, the entire south wall was comprised of glass panels that curved at the top toward the ceiling, as in a solarium-type of construction. This wall in my home universe features just one large picture window.

Through the solarium-style windows, I could see out into the yard, which was similar in landscape to my home world landscape. Walking by the house I noticed what I at first took to be a flock of chickens.

I am accustomed to seeing my own small flock wander by from time to time in my own dimension of reality. (I let them go wherever they want. They are not caged. They’re protected from the many wolves and foxes we have around here by my large dog).

A fox den near my yard in my ‘home universe.’’ Photo: KEN KORCZAK


Standing out immediately here in the Alt-world was a large peacock-like bird leading the flock. I say “peacock-like” but this bird was of some exotic species that I cannot name and don’t believe exists in our universe. I would describe it as part-peacock, part-wild turkey and part-chicken.


Wild turkeys often pass through our property here in our ‘home universe’. Photo by KEN KORCZAK


The rank-and-file chickens obviously considered this loopy turkey-peacock mash-up their leader as if he were the “alpha-male rooster.”

The other “chickens” were definitely “chickens” but several of a variety I had never seen before. An array of plumages, colors, leg types, cowl presentations and other features are too numerous to go into here.

My rather ordinary alpha-male rooster as he exists here in our normal dimension of reality. Photo by KEN KORCZAK


As fascinated as I was by the colorful array and eccentric speciation of the Alt-chicken flock, all thought of them quickly disappeared when I espied a tall man further off across the yard.

He was accompanied by a boy of about 12 to 13 years.

I immediately recognized this man as myself — my seeming identical twin — even though he was wearing a winter coat and stocking hat pulled down halfway on his forehead, partially obscuring his appearance.

The season in this parallel universe seemed to be autumn. The air was pleasantly cold and crisp.

Twilight was just setting in and a gentle mist sifted down from a darkening sky. I walked across the Alt-house, stepped through a glass door, and proceeded out into the yard, moving toward the man and boy.

I was not sure if they would even be able to see me. That’s often the case when one visits another world or realm in an out-of-body state.

You walk around among people, feeling as solid as they look, but most often they are unable to perceive your “astral body.”

In this case, however, I did not consider myself to be in an astral travel or OBE situation. I don’t know what to call it — I guess all I can say is that I felt like I was in my normal physical body manifesting in an alternate, material-3D environment.

Channeling orbs with my shamanic ‘Guild Staff’ and our new kitten, “Orb.” This is how I was attired in the parallel universe Minnesota countryside. My Alt-twin was dressed almost the same. For more on my orb work, see: ORBS. Photo by KEN KORCZAK

In fact, at this point, I had the presence of mind to check my appearance. I wanted to see what I might be wearing here in the Alt-universe. I turned to the glass that made up the south wall of my Alt-home and saw enough of my reflection to determine that I had somehow managed to “clothe myself” in my standard mid-fall “orb channeling attire” — a Carhart jacket, stocking hat, jeans and a hiking shoe.

Good to go, I now moved closer to the pair out in the yard. The youth saw me first. He stopped with a look of surprise. Obviously, he could see me! His eyes popped. The boy was not frightened, however. He shouted over at the tall man:

“Dad! I guy who looks like your twin is here!”

Now, this is where the oddness factor ratcheted up a bit:

When the boy alerted the man who was my Alt-twin to my presence, he looked over in my general direction. He obviously could not see me — yet the boy could!

Here is another oddity:

I could hear the boy speak to his father (my Alt-twin) but when my Alt-twin spoke back to his son, I could not understand anything he said. When he spoke, it came across to me as a susurration or buzzing sound.

Furthermore — it was difficult for me to maintain a consistent focus on my twin Alt-Self. I discovered I see him best if I used averted vision. This technique is familiar to those of us who are amateur astronomers.

When you want to see a very dim star that is just barely in the brightness range of human vision, you can glimpse it better if you avert your eyes just slightly to the side of the star.

Averted vision works because there are almost no rod cells in the fovea, the very center of the eye. The fovea is comprised mostly of cone cells. Cone cells are bright-light and color detectors but have less value in dark conditions. The rod cells outside the center of the eye, however, can readily detect dimmer lights.


But there’s more — not only could I not see my twin Alt-self with direct vision, but it also seemed that we were like magnetic polar opposites. But I think a more accurate description would be to say we had a diamagnetic relationship.

A diamagnetic substance is that which repels a magnet. One example of this is the metal bismuth. Bismuth not only does not attract a magnet, but it actively repels a magnet.

In fact, the closer I tried to move toward my Alt-twin, the more I felt a diamagnetic-like repelling force. I’m not saying the effect was exactly the same as diamagnetism as described by physics — just something remarkably similar to that.

I have since pondered the idea that it may be impossible for a person to have direct or unimpeded contact with an individual in a parallel universe who is a direct “branch twin” of him- or herself.

About 12 to 15 feet was as close as I could get to my Alt-twin. Interestingly, the further I moved away from him, the better I could see him and focus on his appearance.

I will (somewhat whimsically) dub this “The Korczak Effect.” Maybe someday it will be cited in quantum parallel universe theory. It will state this:

“Objects (or people) that are Alt-twins of closely positioned parallel universes display properties of diamagnetic opposition to each other.”

Now, let me pause here for a moment to clarify something:

Here in my normal world, my wife and I do not have children. Apparently, however, in this parallel universe, my Alt-twin was the father to a 12- to 13-year-old son.

It was fascinating for me to see a young man who, in a sense, was my Alt-son, and who bore a distinct resemblance to me, or I should say, my Alt-twin — who was me but not me.

It made me think: “Wow, this is what one of my children would have looked like if I had had children in my home universe!”

There is simply no way for me to relate the profound sense of oddness and the sort of eccentric, psychological situational freakishness of encounters like this.

The psychological feeling can only be generated when one finds oneself transported to another dimension of reality and you are experiencing it directly.


My notion is that parallel universe Alt-twin’s son was able to perceive my presence because he possessed certain psychic abilities.

However, after initially seeing me directly and commenting on my presence, he turned his attention away from me — for the most part — and went back to what he was doing with his father out in the yard.

He did glance my way from time to time, and smile at me, but I clearly got the impression that his way of handling “exoconscious data streams” was to acknowledge them, not fear them — but to pursue a policy of not engaging with them to a great extent.

The young man probably expected the apparition (that was me) to hang around for a while and then vanish sooner than later, and, sure enough, I was destined to “vanish” from this parallel world in just a few more minutes.

I had just enough time to inspect the garden. It was similar to my garden in size, scope and layout. Since this was about mid-autumn, most of the vegetables had already been harvested. However, my Alt-twin and his son were still digging up a few remaining potatoes.

‘Black’ potatoes which are actually purple. Photo by KEN KORCZAK

I was intrigued to see that the potatoes they were digging up were tar-black in color. Here in our normal universe, people also grow what are called “black potatoes” but, in actuality, they are purple in color. I grow this variety myself. Here is a picture of a “purple” or “black” potato from my garden:

In this parallel universe, however, the potatoes were not purple and were not merely called “black potatoes” by way of convention. They were really black.

As I inspected the garden and observed my Alt-twin and his son with intense fascination, I began to feel that characteristic “wavering” feeling that my journey outside my body — and outside my normal dimension of reality — was about to end.

Since my story is already overlong, I won’t describe the amazing route I took back to my home base — back to my normal bedroom in my normal world in my normal small house in my remote rural portion of northern Minnesota.

As I said in PART ONE, I have had many experiences over the past three-plus decades of lucid dreaming and OBE travel that were definite “parallel world” type experiences — but the journey I have described in these two stories is the most vivid, real and remarkable of them all.


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