Live Streaming the Universe: How to Use Your Brain Like a Modem


How would you like the ability to livestream all knowledge existent in the Universe?
You can. It can be accomplished similarly to how anyone today might use a computer to tap into the internet and the cloud to download and live-stream information.
To connect with all existent universal knowledge — you don’t use a modem — you use your mind. Let me coin a phrase:
Mind Over Modem!
It might be more accurate to say, however, that you must, in part, let your “surface mind” get out of the way so that you can allow a “cosmic download” to happen.
It’s possible.
In this article, you’ll discover clues on how to do it.


As you know, thanks to today’s World Wide Web, we all have access to everything from our favorite movies to obscure academic lectures parked in “Anywhere Server, Cyberspace, Planet Earth.” Of course, you can also download uncounted billions of books and text documents for free or via paid providers.

That’s a lot of information. But what I’m talking about is access to an infinitely greater cache of knowledge. It’s all the data that has existed from the very beginning of time and the creation of our Universe — but you can also access an infinite amount of data that’s parked in the future.

The future information includes the infinite probabilities of the unlimited, wide-open future scape and all its potential timelines branches. Just as all your favorite “stuff” is at your fingertips streaming for you right now on a gazillion interconnected servers located around the globe — so is all the data and information ever created by conscious beings — and non-beings. This data is distributed everywhere and “every time” in the Universe.

At this point, many of you may be asking: “Ken, are you talking about the Akashic Records?”

The answer is: “In a way, perhaps, but what I’m going to describe to you here today is a fascinating and different angle on the Akashic Records.”

For the sake of this article today, I’m basing my information on a remarkable “channeling” session conducted in an isolation booth at the Monroe Institute (TMI) in the 1970s.


In case you haven’t heard of it, The Monroe Institute was established in Faber, Virginia, by wealthy businessman Robert Monroe in 1971. He made his fortune in the radio industry and later expanded into cable TV. However, while Monroe was building a lucrative empire in the media sector, his private life was rocked in the 1950s when he began to experience spontaneous out-of-body experiences.

This phenomenon was not unheard of, but at the time Monroe began to have his experiences it was referred to as “astral Travel” by long tradition of the mystical, religious, hermetic, occult and various other esoteric groups. Whatever the case, Robert Monroe launched himself (no pun intended) on an extensive personal investigation of “going out of body.” This led to three groundbreaking books about his experiences, Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey.

I dare say these unusually engaging and well-written books fast became the gold standard for the subject of astral travel. Today, the latter is more often called the OBE. The popularity of Monroe’s books along with his deep pockets fueled his research institute and attracted a cadre of scientists, electric engineers, physicists, psychologists and other professionals.

(Note: One of the first was physicist Tom Campbell, well known today for his theory that we live in a virtual reality universe and his My Big TOE books). His partner in establishing the first Monroe research protocols was Dennis Mennerich, an electrical engineer.)

This eclectic cadre of open-minded thinkers proceeded to design numerous experiments to study not just the OBE, but many other varieties of altered states of consciousness. They developed an isolation booth wherein a subject — an “explorer” — would lie down in a comfortable position while listening to binaural beats and other tonal modalities through a set of headphones.

The subject was also fully wired so that all vital signs could be monitored, including readouts for stuff like galvanic skin response and brainwave activity. The explorers were also provided with a two-way microphone through which they communicated with a session monitor outside the booth. With the help of binaural beats, the subjects were assisted into deep states of meditation and altered states of consciousness, including the ability to “go OBE” but also to “connect” with “nonphysical beings” and “entities” with whom they communicated.

Through earnest effort, some of the more skilled and gifted explorers were able to achieve out-of-body states, or enter deep, deep trance states, while also maintaining the ability to communicate with session monitors who were pushing all the right buttons on the outside control panels. Even someone who was deeply asleep but experiencing a lucid dream could use his or her vocal cords to speak with session monitors — in effect, a bridge was created between our normal waking world and the lucid dream realm.

But more than the dream state, the Monroe explorers were going out-of-body and/or connecting with the minds to non-physical beings. These came in all varieties, from the spirits of deceased people to exotic “energy beings” who had never manifested as human beings on earth. Also contacted were spirit guides, parallel universe beings, angels, aliens — you name it. Fortunately for all of us, many of these sessions were recorded and made available to the public.


For me, one of the most intriguing session recordings released by the Monroe Institute team was the 31st session of a subject only identified as “Explorer HBW.”

Go here to listen to the complete session involving Monroe Institute Explorer HBW: ENERGY STREAMS

Snug in his isolation booth, all wired and mic’d up, HBW taps into a “non-entity stream of information.”

The key here is “non-entity” — so let me explain.

As I previously noted, the Monroe exploration team routinely sought contact with non-physical beings or entities to speak with them and learn all kinds of things about the nature of consciousness and existence.

Connecting with a specific “being” or “entity” that has a defined personality is taken for granted among people who practice channeling today. Some famous examples are:

  • Jane Roberts channeled “Seth.”
  • Darryl Anka channels “Bashar.”
  • Z. Knight channels “Ramtha.
  • Paul Selig channels his “Guides.”
  • Esther Hicks channels a collective group called “Abraham.”
  • Neale Donald Walsch purports to channel none other than “God.”
  • Helen Schucman channeled none other than “Jesus Christ” in producing “A Course in Miracles.”

And there are many more. In all cases, however, the channeler is in contact with a distinct and well-defined personality, even when it is an amorphous “group personality.” But in Session 31, Explorer HBW connected not with an entity but with an “independent energy stream” or perhaps a “free-standing cache information energy.”

This information source was keen to explain “itself” as just that — a stream of information — and not any kind of person, entity, being or any sort of defined unit with any personality at all. Speaking through Explorer HBW, the energy stream said:

“The words that are speaking to you right now have not been speaking to you (as an entity).

You might recognize the quality of the sound, but the source of the voice is very different.

Sources of information are not always a defined entity that speaks through a physical channel.

The truth is that a person who is speaking for an entity through a physical body is in touch at all times with all sorts of energy streams and flows within the time/space concept and outside time/space concept.”

The energy stream goes on to say:

“There is a state of mind, so to say, when the physical brain is the instrument of an entity … but there is also a state of mind where the brain only functions as a radio station (receiver) for (free-form) energy streams.

These energy streams occur in the present time all over the place within space/time and outside of space/time…

… these energy streams contain information but do not represent an entity — because they do not have a sense of identity as such.

Therefore, they do not express an entity identity — the energy stream just flows.”


The energy stream that Explorer HBW tapped into went on to say that people seeking to channel often limit the information streams they tap into by sort of “forcing” an entity name upon it. This is a natural human tendency. For example, when you strike up a conversation with anyone in our normal world, it’s obvious that what you are communicating with is another person.

This other person is a discrete unit of consciousness (as all people are) and is the source of the information you are interacting with. Thus, when a person decides to, say, get out a Ouija board and the planchette starts picking out letters and spelling words, it’s natural to assume that one has contacted some defined “source” of information.

In the case of the Ouija board, most people assume they are talking to a “ghost” or perhaps the spirit of a deceased person. Sure, some people assume they have contacted something more exotic, such as a “demon” or “angel” or maybe an “Ascended Master” — or whatever.

The same is true for all forms of channeling, such as automatic writing or using one’s voice to “channel” a non-physical being. It is always assumed it is a “being” or some kind of well-defined entity personality. There’s nothing especially wrong with this, except that, as HBW’s energy stream suggested, enforcing an identity or personality on who or what you are speaking to may be very limiting.

As HBW’s energy stream stated:

“… there is no need to look for other entities that could be considered to be sources of information.

All that is needed is someone that opens the mind and become aware of these multidimensional energy flows that are present everywhere and anytime … and therefore, to get access to any information you desire.

Then the open mind would open gates or doorways for these energy streams that then would flow into the conscious being of a person …”


What is incredibly fascinating is that, even though Explorer HBW was channeling content from an energy stream that was not “a personality” or an “entity,” the session handler was able to engage in a fully interactive dialogue. That is, the session handler posed questions to the energy stream in “real-time” and the energy stream seamlessly paused and answered those questions, just as if they were being posed to a defined personality.

Compare this to when you are streaming a movie from, say, Netflix. Or better yet, let’s say you are streaming an educational documentary from Netflix. What if you could stop the streaming of that documentary in any spot and ask a question — and the “documentary” would pause and react directly to your question. Then after answering your question in real-time, it would resume the streaming of the information contained in the documentary.

What this means is that the free form energy streams that exist in the Universe are far less static than what we can stream from one of our traditional internet-connected sources. In other words, an energy stream may be a discrete “packet” of information, but it nevertheless has a dynamic quality and ability to innovate on the spot and act and react with a channeler.

It suggests a mind-blowing paradox — that a free-form packet of energy has well-defined parameters, and yet, it can innovate within those parameters and remain a discrete free-form unit of “energy information.”

It innovates while staying the same!


Another aspect of Explorer HBW’s interaction with the energy stream he contacted is the tips it gave on how would-be channelers can connect and get a flowing exchange of information going.

It said:

“In order to get in touch with a certain quality of knowledge, all you need to do is open your mind toward that source of knowledge and it will come to you not as an entity but as knowledge.

If you want other forms of information, don’t refer to the same source of information but just try to you should open doors to that other information and allow it to come through to you. In that way, you can access all knowledge in the universe.”

Then the session moderator asked:

“As we begin to work with a new explorer, some of our explorers seem to have great difficulty getting the energy to move at all. Do you have some suggestions for those situations?”

The energy stream offered this advice:

“What is needed is encouragement again and again. Like when an explorer is in a booth and he is not experiencing anything, you should try to make him experience something. Don’t just let him lay there.

As he lays there, his mind begins to wander … he begins to have all kinds od doubts … ask him to start doing certain exercises by moving the arms, the hands, the toes, getting involved with what is going on in the booth, then he will feel after the session that he has gained something.

The important thing is that he has the feeling that something has happened and that he gained something, anything.

In order to get the energy flowing, you can …trick the explorer by getting him to do certain exercises and to observe. Then when he has an observation, then tell him this is alright and what he should have expected.

Whatever he will realize and learn from these sessions will be something that takes him away from his usual track of reality.

It doesn’t matter what path an explorer takes as long as he leaves his normal track of reality.

It is important that he opens up to new ideas. It is only when he gets stuck in his old ideas that he has a hard time.

If the explorer says that all he hears is silence, tell him, “Great! then look into the silence and experience it” … and then he might hear something that is beyond silence.”


Explorer HBW channeled more tips and technique suggestions to help us connect with and “get the flow going,” but I’ll leave it there for now. I invite the reader to view/listen to the session which I linked above, but here it is again for your convenience. Explorer Link

As a person with decades of experience with channeling (See the free chapters of my book starting here Ouija Secrets, I took up the Explorer 31 challenge and made my own effort to contact a free-standing, non-entity energy stream with truly fascinating results.

Since all information on any topic is available free for the accessing, I opted to seek/request data on the mysterious 11,000-year-old archaeological site located in Turkey — the ancient monolithic monument known as Göbekli Tepe. The information I received about the nature, function and purpose of the “temple” is incredibly intriguing and also something I never could have expected.

See my story here that details my TIME TRAVEL ADVENTURE TO GOBEKLI TEPE

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