I Leverage Advanced Lucid Dream & OBE Techniques to Travel to 11,000 B.C. Gobekli Tepe Site


Author’s note: This is Part 3 of my transpersonal exploration of the true meanings and origins of the Göbekli Tepe monument. The complex was excavated by archaeologists in southern Turkey and has been dated to approximately 11,000 years old. (9600 to 7000 BCE).
You do not have to read Parts 1 and 2 to follow this article.

However, for those interested, Part 1 & 2 are on my Medium site here:

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ADDITIONAL NOTE: Although I have been practicing lucid dreaming and the OBE for about 35 years, I owe a debt of gratitude for new techniques I learned and incorporated from the brilliant “dream shaman” and author Robert Moss, and specifically, his methods for Dream Archaeology. I also acknowledge the innovative consciousness exploration ideas of Jurgen Ziewe with gratitude.

These books by Jurgen Ziewe and Robert Moss (and their other books) were sources of inspiration and information in helping me to advance my own lucid dreaming and consciousness exploration abilities.


In this article, I will describe the high points of my lucid dream/OBE journey to the Göbekli Tepe as it existed in an era previous to 11,000 B.C. My goal was to get a first-hand look at why the ancient monument was built, how it was built, and something about the philosophy and motivation of the mysterious people who accomplished this remarkable ancient feat.

It took me about 15 months to finally achieve success in this endeavor. I won’t go into the many varied and strenuous efforts I embarked upon to condition my abilities to achieve my goal. I’ll simply start the story now on the night I achieved success in “projecting” to Göbekli Tepe in or before the year 11,000 B.C.


After I lied down in bed, and after about an hour of meditative focus to “program” a lucid dream, I simply let my mind go as I lay in bed and allowed myself to drift off into sleep.

If I did fall asleep, it was just for a micro-second — because after an instant of mental dissolution, I found myself floating upward out of my bed. Suddenly, my “dream body” or “astral body” was in an exotic environment of orange undulating waves composed of thick, viscous energy.

Years of lucid dreaming and OBE training allowed me to remain calm and simply willing to just let the experience happen. Then, something amazing! Just as I seemed hopelessly mired and loss in the bizarre “seaweed-like” ribbons or orange energy, two warm, long human arms extended out from the ribbons of orange energy and embraced me! They took hold — they cradled me — and facilitated my journey higher and higher as if guiding me.

(Note: This is not the first time that what I call my “Guide Arms” have appeared out of nowhere to catch hold and direct me to where my conscious intent wished to go. This very same event occurred in my recent journey to a parallel universe, which I wrote about here: PARALLEL UNIVERSE.)

Another note: know “who” these “arms” are attached to, but I won’t digress into this now).

After a few more minutes — WHUMP!


I blinked, the arms had released me and were gone, but I now found myself floating high above an expansive, grassy landscape. It was a gently rolling topography, appearing slightly mountainous. I was perhaps 200 feet above the surface of the earth. Down below, to my intense delight, I could see two rounded structures. They looked like small domed stadiums.

I intuitively understood that I made it!

My exoconscious-enhanced photo with what I saw in my dream adventure as inspiration. Photo by KEN KORCZAK

I had traveled 11,000 backward in time! I was now floating above the first established structures of Göbekli Tepe! One of the “domes” was of smooth grayish-white material and the other was red-tinged. Oddly, the reddish dome had what appeared to look like a long plant-like stem protruding from its top.


I “flew” down to land in proximity to the domed structures. I felt my dream state waver a tad, so I bent my head close to the ground and hard-focused my vision on the turf until I could clearly discern every blade of grass. This quickly solidified my state of being.

I was now standing approximately 50 yards from the whitish dome and the other reddish dome with its odd “stem” was some distance beyond it. I moved toward the first dome in that typical dream-travel fashion that seems part walking, part gliding gravity-free just inches above the surface of the ground.


Now I stood directly at the wall of the dome. It curved up to a height of perhaps 50 feet and was uniform in shape — like a half-eggshell, except more perfectly round.

I was astonished to discern that the material of the dome wall was not of traditional human construction. For example, not fashioned of wood or bone. It was obviously biological! It gave the impression of “breathing.” My impression was that of the living tissue of an amniotic sac!

This gave me pause because I wanted to go inside this structure, but I did not want to puncture it or produce harm in any way. Was there any way to get beyond the outer barrier?

My first notion was to produce one of my most useful and frequently used lucid dreaming tools — the Energy Bar Tool (EBT) developed by The Monroe Institute. The EBT is a fantastic implement to wield in the lucid dream or astral realm because it can be used to “unlock” or gain access to portals, doorways or dimensional barriers.

My exoconscious attempt to photograph the EBT, Energy Bar Tool. Photo by KEN KORCZAK


Before I could deploy the EBT, the problem quickly resolved itself. As soon as I reached out to touch the smooth, slippery surface of the dome wall. The instant my fingers made contact, a ganglion of ropey strings emerged from the wall and rapidly enveloped my entire hand.

The wet membranous fibers quickly moved up my arm, covering it in a sheath. This spathe quickly stretched out to cover my entire body. Within an instant, I was snuggly sheathed within what seemed like a micro-thin mesenchymal layer composed of epithelial cells.

I hardly had an instant to react to my extraordinary situation when what I can only describe as an umbilical cord shot out from the center of my torso, made contact with the bract of the dome wall and it pulled me right inside!

As I passed through the amniotic sac wall, the enveloping amnio-sheath stayed behind and reabsorbed into the wall, leaving me standing free and clear inside the environs of the dome.

My first glance around left me stunned!

I instantly knew I was in the right place. Yes! This was Göbekli Tepe! I could tell that because among the first objects that drew my eyes were the tell-tale T-shaped pillars that are among the most recognized structures of what we see at the ruins of Göbekli Tepe today.

Except these T-shaped pillars were not made of stone! They looked more like some kind of semi-hardened bio-material— something with the consistency of cheese!

Many of the T-pillars were fully formed, but others were only partially formed. They were growing like mushrooms.

Wait a minute! Yes! That’s a better descriptor than “bio-form cheese!” The T-pillars inside this dream version of Göbekli Tepe were decidedly mushroom-like, with a consistency and surface tension similar to mushrooms.

A weird idea flashed through my mind:

Were the Göbekli Tepe pillars originally not made of carved stone at all? Were they first grown, or cultivated biologically, like giant fungi, and then designed to transmute, harden and petrify into stone?

Perhaps the ancients had some technology or methodology or treatment substance that could petrify fungi.

In that case:

No need for chisels, quarrying, carving, hauling and erecting with ropes and logs then! They could just “grow” the pillar structures strategically where they wanted them!

However, I quickly disciplined myself to drop this speculation. That’s because my years of lucid dream travel experience have taught me that even a small amount of analytical thinking can collapse the dream state and send me back to wakefulness. I still had much more I wanted to see.

Thus, I suppressed my linear-logical mind and opened my awareness. I gave over to full observation-experience-only mode and moved further into the Göbekli Tepe bio-dome. I would soon be greeted with one gob smacking encounter after another.


Still standing near the bio-wall I had just transferred through; I took a moment to scan around. I wanted to take in the entire scene. After doing so, my thought was … well … maybe I’ll just put what I thought in the form of a weird Avant Garde poem:

Oh! My! God! 

What! Is! This! Place!

What! The! Hell!



The inside of the dome seemed 10 times more spacious than what it appeared on the outside. I also noticed that the interior was fully round. That is, the dome above curved fully around to beneath where I was standing to complete a spherical interior.

I hadn’t noticed before, but my feet were not planted on a solid floor. I floated in mid-air — but that’s not exactly correct. As I became more acclimated, I perceived that I was suspended in a gelatinous sort of cytoplasm or medium that was nevertheless so clear and light that it scarcely seemed more substantive than thick air on a humid day.

I speculated that my dream body had achieved phase resonance with this cytoplasmic medium, and I thus noticed it little more than a fish might notice the very water it swims within. Even so, there were places to walk. These appeared like dedicated pathways for normal human bipedal use.

I spotted a winding pathway that led further into the interior and set out to “walk” upon it so that I could head deeper into this uncanny structure and environment. There were bizarre objects everywhere of many varieties. Some were located seemingly at random, but in other cases, they were aligned and in an organized “functional” formation.

Everything seemed biological and alive. For example, about 20 yards down the pathway, a vine-like hose suddenly extended out in front of me. I use the word “vine,” but the substance of the hose was not plant-like. It bore a greater resemblance to the quality of a human vein combined with wet clay.

I stopped and watched as the vein-vine stretched out and proceeded to spray a narrow stream of yellowish-blue concentrate in an arc. A tight flow of thick liquid landed on the face of a wax paper-like rounded membrane positioned atop a stem protruding off to my right.

This rounded membrane was thin, see-through but heavily presented with venation structure. It was about twice the size of a dinner plate. When the spurting concentrate landed dead-center in the middle of the membrane, it was absorbed without a single splash or drop lost. The vein-vine then retracted back to where it had come from, and I proceeded along my way.

Among the most noticeable features were a series of winding walls that were formed like mazes, you know, maybe like one of those fun corn mazes. They were several layers thick and appeared to generally form an arc around a large roundish object that was still some distance away from me.

This large roundish object was gelatinous and aquamarine in color. It was opaque enough so that I could see somewhat into the interior of the object — inside, there appeared to be a secondary roundish mass. Inside this inner gelatinous spheroid was a ropey tangle, like a ganglion bunch. I sensed a palpable energy emanating from this structure. It was subtle — a mild electromagnetic pulse.

There are too many strange objects to describe without going on for pages, but I’ll mention just one more. Everywhere I went, there were floating balls of green fuzzy substance, sort of like tennis balls the size of a grapefruit.

These levitated about the interior of the domed structure randomly, as if exhibiting Brownian motion. They were everywhere.


Now I want to describe among the most surprising features I encountered inside the Göbekli Tepe bio-dome.

Walking further along the path, I came upon an area that seemed not biological, but a hardened substance that had perhaps once been biological but now had calcified to the consistency of stone via some natural or forced process.

My speculation was that the process that formed this petrified area was similar to the way a kidney stone forms in the human body via nucleation of constituent crystals composed of calcium and oxalate.

Anyway, there were a series of these arched and curved “stones,” some flat like gravestones and positioned like gravestones in an area comprising perhaps 30 square meters.

In the center was a large gravestone-like structure, and I was stunned to see that it had some letters inscribed or carved into its surface.

I moved closer and — not believing my dream eyes! — I saw it was a phrase written in Latin. Here is what it said:


This translates to: “The fear of death troubles me.”

I’m not well-versed in Latin, but I happened to be familiar with this phrase because I have long been a fan of archaic British poetry. Timor mortus conturbate me is a phrase that appears in many medieval Scottish and English poems. The phrase was originally derived from a Catholic prayer cycle called the Office of the Dead. The phase is presented in the Third Nocturne of Matins.

The day after my lucid dream, and after consulting with the Energy Stream, I determined the significance of encountering this Latin phrase referencing death. It seemed completely out of place in this bizarre interior where literally everything was composed of living tissue.

I will discuss the meaning of the “death notice” in my analysis in a future article.

Trust me, you are not going to want to miss what that’s all about.


An excellent representation of the Göbekli Tepe ‘dream people’ hairstyle. Image source: https://histclo.com/act/work/page/work-pagemed.html

Now — what I have not yet mentioned is that, from the first moment I entered the Göbekli Tepe bio-dome, I noticed that a lot of people were present inside.

In my years of lucid dream travel experience, I have often gone to places where I’m among a lot of other folks. Sometimes, the people in the dream environment can see you, interact with you and acknowledge your presence. At many other times, however, it’s as if you are a ghost or “invisible person” walking among them.

But there is a third situation as well. It’s when the “dream population” can clearly see you and even acknowledge you in some way, but they mostly just ignore you as they go about their business. They’re not interested in having any interaction with you.

The third situation was the case in the Göbekli Tepe bio-dome interior environment.

In terms of their demographic make-up, I would say it was a mixture of Caucasian types along with an equivalent population of the MENA type, Middle East North African. So, a lot of white people intermixed with tawny to brown-skinned people.

All wore their hair in the same style. both man and woman. This was a black or dark brown hair worn medium length and worn exclusively in the medieval pageboy cut.

Their style of dress was also uniform. Everyone wore a one-piece knee-length tunic belted at the waist. The tunics appeared fashioned from woven flaxseed linen of a rough finish.

I would describe the color of the fabric as grayish taupe.

My view is that everyone looked marvelous and elegant by dint of a tasteful sartorial minimalism, regardless of age or body type.

There was no spoken language.

In most dream environments I have visited, verbal language is rarely the standard mode of communication; it’s either telepathic or some exotic symbolic form of communication.

I assumed these inhabitants of Göbekli Tepe were busily communicating with each other mind-to-mind. I was not privy to their thoughts because, as an outsider interloper, I was probably not in phase with their frequency.

As I began walking down the pathway, I passed by any number of people. Some could clearly see me. An occasional individual glanced at me briefly to make eye contact before looking away quickly.

The denizens of Göbekli Tepe were not bothered or surprised by my presence. More than a couple of people who noticed me gave me a wry and brief smile as they moved swiftly past me and went along their way.

Again, based on my experience with lucid dream travel, I have little doubt the people who briefly acknowledged my presence were thinking something like:

“Ha! Look at that. Some guy is dreaming, and he blundered his way into ending up here! His physical body is probably lying asleep in some other dimension, time or another planet for all we know. When he wakes up, he won’t remember a blimey thing about being here!”

So that’s the basic tenor of my interaction and presence among these people who, by my artificial time system, were removed from me by 11,000 years.

Keep in mind that they were also phased-shifted from our base physical reality into the dream environment dimension.


Now I want to describe one last experience before I wrap up my lucid dream journey to Göbekli Tepe.

This event came about when I was deep into the interior of this unimaginably exotic locale. I came upon what looked like an ancient Greek stoa, or perhaps a pall-mall, except this one was not lined with marble pillars or trees.

In keeping with the “weird biological formation theme” of the Göbekli Tepe bio-dome interior, this stoa was lined with odd helical “growth trunks.” They bore the same mushroomy-cheesy-like consistency of the T-pillars and the vast network of “maze walls” I described earlier.

Down this mall came a vast procession of the Göbekli dream people. There were several hundred of them. They were proceeding in a long column, walking solemnly four abreast. In the center of the procession, four devotees carried a litter made up of two long poles.

The poles supported in their middle a simple flat square surface. This central table appeared to be covered with white linen. Placed in the center of the table was a stack of what looked to me like elongated sweet potatoes, except these were of a mottled bluish-white color.

I would say they were much like zucchini in shape and about 10 inches long. There were four of these items on the bottom, then two on top of the four and one on top. Thus, it was a kind of small and simple fruit-vegetable pyramid.

When the litter reached what looked to be the central point of the sphere’s interior, it stopped. The people that comprised the long rows in front of and behind the central litter platform stood, not really at rigid attention, but in an “at ease” stance. No one slouched, however.

Then I noticed a shimmering wave began to issue and propagate throughout the all-pervasive cytoplasm. I saw the wave rolling through the medium and moving in my direction.

When the wave washed over me, I heard a “GONG!

Presently, more waves issued forth and there proceeded to be a series of incredibly plaintive and solemn gongs.


The shimmering waves of the procession gongs had the effect of causing my lucid dream body to disrupt and become increasingly difficult to retain as coherently focused — and I was unable to counter it.

I woke up.

I was back in the present and in my physical body.

I had returned to the year 2022.

I was back in Minnesota.


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