Adventures in Consciousness: ET Reptilian Contact

After capturing an image of a reptilian extraterrestrial being while practicing orb photography, I embarked on an unstoppable mission to contact this entity


I am now going to tell you about a long-term “Adventures in Consciousness” project I have been working on diligently for more than two years. It’s one of several ventures I will bring out in upcoming articles.

But today it is …


This project came about after I captured the images you see below during my nightly hobby of photographing orbs. Although I now have more than 100,000 orb images, sometimes “Other Things” show up in the photos I capture as you can see below in this case.

Alien beings photo and sketch by KEN KORCZAK

While I have captured many extraordinary images, these two photos (left and right, the middle is my “impression sketch“) distinctly gripped me because, from the beginning, I had the notion that I might be able to contact and communicate with this being.

Little did I know that it would take more than two years and 750 futile attempts using a variety of methods to open some kind of communication channel. But as you shall soon see, what finally happened is that this being finally found a proactive way to contact me!

(Note: I should add that this suggests that my hundreds of attempts were not wasted. My persistent effort was probably getting through in some way — like a “knock on the door.” Then the ET in the photo finally found a unique way to answer that knock and “close the circuit” that enabled the two of us to communicate.)

The methods I used in my 750+ attempts to open contact included:


On many nights — dozens of times — I attempted to “program” a lucid dream scenario in which I would meet and communicate with the “green” alien in my photo. This was never successful.


I’ve been practicing Zen Meditation for more than 40 years (since 1981), and so on many occasions — dozens of times — I formulated an “intent” that I would contact this alien after clearing my mind, vanquishing all thought and entering a state of “pure awareness.” I hope that in this way I would “create a space” wherein this exotic entity and I could communicate. It did not work.


In short, my 50+ years of Ouija board channeling was not successful in opening a communication session with this being.


This is when one tries to “jump start” a two-way communication with another entity, being or whoever by creatively imagining how such a conversation might play out. The hope is that after a time of just “making up imaginative” dialogue, the “real deal” will be jumpstarted and kick in. Then one will be in direct communication with a novel source that is “out there” and no longer one’s imagination.

I have found this to be a powerful method over the years, but it did not work with the green alien in my photo.


Over several years I have self-taught myself the remote viewing protocols developed by military, government and private research groups. In short, I don’t practice remote viewing in a way that adheres to the formal process as developed by the parties I just mentioned. See my article here that describes my experiments with remote viewing.

The bottom line: My attempts to contact this alien with a form of remote viewing failed.


It was never my intention to give up on trying to contact the green alien, even though my efforts had been frustrated in the extreme for two years!

However, one night earlier this summer I was out as usual clicking away in the darkness with my el-cheapo Canon PowerShot camera seeking to capture photos of orbs.

Then — a bizarre happening!

I was out in a wide-open grassy area of the northern Minnesota oak-aspen savannah. I was far away from any trees, just out under a wide-open starry sky.

Suddenly, I heard a “pop!” and felt a definite “tap!” on the top of my hat. As soon as I felt this “tap” and a “popping” sound, my normal state of mind instantly veered off into a state of disassociation.

That is, my normal conscious mind “went away” and my sense of awareness entered a different mode — a state I recognized as similar to the “theta state” — which I am familiar with because I have been able to induce it purposefully via meditation for many years.

(Note: The theta state can be described as an extremely relaxed mental state in which a person experiences no thoughts — or extremely little “mental chatter” — which is displaced by an expansive state of “awareness.” Note that theta is not “blank unconsciousness.” One might have no thoughts, but still retain a self-awareness of being.)

However, I was into something even deeper than theta because, well, let’s just say basically I was rendered “psychologically out to lunch” in a profound way. I experienced four to five minutes of “missing time.” What brought me back to normal, non-theta awareness was a series of extremely bright flashing lights in my face!

To my own flummoxed amazement, I realized that these brilliant flashes were being produced by myself! That’s because — for some bizarre reason — I was pointing my camera right at my own head and snapping pictures!

Why was I doing that? Why? Why? Why?

But now snapped out of my disassociated “trance” — I decided to schlep back to my house, still feeling slightly “not present.” When I checked to see what pictures I had captured on my camera’s disk, I was amazed to see one that showed a close-up of what had made the “pop-and-tap” on top of my head. Here is the picture:

Ha, ha! That’s right! It seems there was a frog on the top of my hat!

Frog on hat Photo by KEN KORCZAK

Apparently, in my disassociated state, I was trying to discover what was on my head. Rather than just taking off my hat and looking, in my spacious frame of mind, I lifted the camera to my head and started snapping pics!

Now back inside my home and viewing this frog picture, I felt that deep movement of mind-shifting disassociation coming on again. As quickly as I could — while I still could — I went upstairs to our spare bedroom and reclined on the bed.

Instantaneously as I did so — KABLAM! — I was gone!

I did not fall asleep. In a fully aware manner, my consciousness shifted focus, and I found myself in another realm! Transported! Becoming fully alert and mentally sharp now, my full attention was trained upon a bizarre sight.

My entire field of vision consisted of a close-up look at what I can only describe as a “webbed alien hand.” Here is my crude sketch of what I was looking at:

Webbed alien hand sketch by KEN KORCZAK

It wasn’t just a static image. My attention was laser-riveted as I watched this amazing amphibian-like, humanoid-lizard-like hand move along a wall with spectacular dexterity as it prodded a series of four or five frogs that were positioned on the wall!

These frogs were similar to the one I had photographed on my hat!

What was happening? Why!

The wall itself was an odd pinkish-orange color, and my impression was that it was fashioned from some kind of “organic plastic fiber” — such was the specific “descriptor” that leaped into my mind like an instant psychic download.

I was thinking: “WTF is this! WTF is going on?”

As soon as I thought that, my field of vision expanded. Now I was standing back about eight feet away from the pink-orange wall. Clinging to the side of this was the full body of an amphibian-reptoid-humanoid entity of about seven feet in length!

It was effortlessly crawling along the vertical wall Spider-Man style.

The amphibian-reptilian-humanoid had an elongated sort of triangular head with a long nose at the top that expanded out to form a sleek, angular full body that looked more are less like this:

ET Reptilian sketch by KEN KORCZAK

I want to emphasize that, although this creature looked like “an animal,” it was anything but as we define the concept of “animal.” This reptilian being (as I would soon learn) is a highly intelligent member of a space-faring civilization that has developed technology radically different from our own brand of mechanistic technology.

Furthermore, the knowledge came to me that this sentient species took a different ontological path in developing its advanced capabilities — one I would describe as wholly “Organo-Bio-Technical.”

For example, instead of building a space-based platform as we would from refined metals, plastics, nuts-n-bolts, circuit boards, wires, etc. — these reptilians developed advanced ways to build space-based habitats using methods more akin to the way hornets build nests. The alien reptoid’s “tools” and materials are 100% organic-biologically derived & enhanced.

That’s why I described the pinkish-orange wall as “organic plastic.”

But let me move along now without straying too far off into the weeds of side issues — as fascinating as they might be — so that I can get through the basic elements of my alien encounter story.


Here is how I believe a communication opening was achieved:

My reptilian host had leveraged the “frog motif” as a contact method. It may even have arranged or in some way leveraged a frog to drop on the top of my head as I stood there out on the open prairie.

What I believe now is that this reptoid ET managed to ferret out a limited space wherein two minds highly alien to one another so that we could share a “common point of recognition” or an “agreed upon facet of reality.”

That is: Frogs were something known to me and known to this reptilian. It was a way to eke out a starting point for an ordinary Earth Primate (me) and this sentient being to begin building a crude foothold that might lead to dialogue.

Now, to continue my narrative:

As I said, my first vision was a close-up of the reptilian’s hand prodding some frogs on a wall. In addition to being a mutual starting point for communication, seeing the frogs allowed me to “awaken” in my new environment. I became cognizant of an intelligent ET that was now playing the role of my host to its eldritch world.

In short order, the reptilian climbed down from the wall — and I was astonished when it came to stand before me on two legs, standing up in human fashion! Even its face significantly altered in appearance as it now held its head vertically — it now more closely resembled my original photo:

It appeared like an almost different “creature.” It was now far less a “wall-crawling lizard” than it was a fully “sentient humanoid.” A million questions coursed through my mind:

“Who are you? What are you? Do you have a name? Where am I? Am I on a different planet? Am I in some other location with our galaxy or the wider universe? Or maybe this is a parallel world or alternate dimension? How did I get here? How is it that you showed up in my photograph? Is this a consensus reality lucid dream world — or have I really been transported to a distant world, be it mentally or otherwise?

As I was churning with this multitude of questions, the reptilian reached out to me with its webbed arm and pointy-clawed-webbed hand, but even before I could reach out to take it (as in a handshake) my entire field of view and field of vision changed — as if switching channels.

I was suddenly floating in outer space! A magnificent sight dominated my vision. Out there against a background of blackness and distant stars were two blue planets — it appeared to be a twin planetary system.

They were blue and very Earth-like planets— but I could immediately tell they were not Earth because of the different continental structures on the surface.

To illustrate this, I opted to use an AI image generator, and I am delighted because what I witnessed there in outer space was remarkably like these AI images above:

I was observing twin planets that were gravitationally coupled with each other, much the way our Earth is gravitationally paired with our moon. One planet was slightly smaller than the other — but both clearly supported robust atmospheres and what looked like expansive blue oceans on their surfaces

But something had gone terribly wrong!

These worlds were both being fried by some form of powerful radiation activity. Each sphere was encased in catastrophic glowing coronas of pulsating emissions— think of the ionized plasma that produces the Northern Lights in our own ionosphere— but now multiply that by a million!

It was as if a massive coronal ejection from a nearby sun had gone wild and was blasting these globes with killer doses of solar radiation — and these emissions had become self-igniting when interacting with the atmospheric gases of the planets.

A brutal chain reaction of nuclear fusion among the atomic components of the atmosphere has been triggered, and this was now searing the surfaces of these beleaguered heavenly bodies.


After viewing this cosmic calamity, I found myself suddenly snapped back into the interior of the organic-plastic structure with my amphibian-reptilian-humanoid host.

In a state of emotionally charged wonderment, I struggled to process the unbelievable space-borne calamity I had just witnessed. As I stood alongside the reptilian ET, my heart bled with a profound sense of empathetic tragedy for what had happened to the magnificent twin-world home of this sentient race.

While I gathered myself and grappled to “come to grips” with the awful plight of these beings — my reptilian host stood back and merely maintained a kind of benign watchfulness over me.

Again, I had so many questions about this entire extraordinary situation. For example, I wanted to confirm that the flamed-out planets I had seen were his home — although the conclusion seemed obvious.

A problem that persisted was that this entity’s reptilian nature and my earth-human mammalian nature were so alien to one another that any kind of standard “chit-chat” (so to speak) or conversation was not tenable.

Nevertheless, it was my notion that my host had now encouraged me to make a further inspection of the interior of this organo-technic space bio-dome platform which I conjectured was the refuge for a devastated intelligent species.


Looking around, I discerned that the space platform was a vast, modular space construction of enormous proportions.

Because of my limited and crude artistic skills, I once again turned to an AI image generator to see if I could re-create what the interior of the space bio-dome looked like. Consider this AI-generated image:

In this case, the AI image is less accurate than what I observed and experienced, but it communicates the general idea.

The major difference between what I saw and the above image is that the material of the structure was far more organic in appearance. For example, the ring that forms the porthole looking out into space was less metallic than it was something more like the resinous material that fashions beehives or hornet’s nests.

Also, the atmosphere inside was extremely dense with humidity — indeed, it was foggy, misty and infused with a pinkish-reddish light. My impression was that it was steamy hot inside, perhaps 120°F to 150°F (48°C to 65°C).

The habitat was vast, about the size of the modern domed football stadiums we have here on Earth. Lined up along the sides of the structure were rows upon rows of reptilian individuals standing up within small recesses in the wall. There were thousands of them.

These individuals all appeared to be ensconced in an induced stasis — my overwhelming intuitive impression was that these reptilians could invoke a natural, biological state of hibernation when they needed to do so — much like some frogs here on earth can enter biological stasis for lengthy periods.

For example, Cyclorana alboguttata, (the Burrowing Frog), has been shown to be able to hibernate for years while enclosed underground in mud, and it has no need for food or water.

As in the AI image above, the interior was rich with fern-like plants. The pinkish-red lighting caused the vegetation to take on a purple hue, although my impression was that all this abundant flora would have been green if seen under the light of our yellow sun.


I’m speculating that the reptilian that was playing host to me was an assigned “Watchman” who stayed out of hibernation to perform basic duties of perhaps maintenance and other functions associated with ensuring the integrity of the space platform. At one point, in the distance, I saw the movement of at least one other amphibian-reptoid-humanoid.

As most of the race slept, those who remained awake kept watch — but I intuited they were also seeking long-term solutions to the loss of their planets.

But what would they do now? Would they reach out into the vast universe in search of a new planetary home they could colonize? Was this space platform merely a makeshift habitat that was buying them time until that could happen? Did they possess sufficiently advanced technology to accomplish the goal of finding a new world?

These and many other questions rattled through my consciousness as I explored the rainforest-like interior of the reptilian bio-dome refuge platform. After an indeterminate amount of time, I felt my focus within this strange destination begin to fade — much in the same way that it does when a lucid dream is about to end.

Presently, I felt my consciousness “fade to black.” I then felt that familiar “rising up” sensation that resulted in a reawakening back in my bed, back to my home in the remote woods of my beloved northern Minnesota.


Ever since the image of that odd “green head and face” showed up in the disk of my camera one night about two years ago, the question of who it is and why it appeared to me has been the source of a constant, nagging “need to know.”

After 750+ attempts to seek answers, I finally believe that I have at least a few answers. My conclusions are:

The image in my photo is that of an individual that belongs to an extraterrestrial or alternate-dimensional race of amphibious-reptilian beings that are highly intelligent, possess advanced technology and are a space-faring civilization, at least to some degree.

The reason it showed up in my photo is the result of the “Watchman’s” attempt to cast his mind out into the universe — for the purpose of seeking a home for his now desperate species after their twin planet system was destroyed by cosmic radiation.

As I was out seeking orbs that night, I too, was using a variety of consciousness enhancement techniques to cast out my own mind into the vast “everything” of reality — hoping to capture unique images on my camera disk.

Perhaps by luck — or otherwise — my mind intersected for a brief instant with the searching consciousness of the alien, and this event was translated to the “green alien” image I posted near the top of this story.

The alien reptoid became aware of my persistent attempt to reach out and communicate with it, and so “worked from its end” to find a way to make it happen. Our mutual familiarity with frogs became the key.

Many questions remain: Why did the reptilian contact me? Did It think I could help its species with its cosmic dilemma? Was It just lonely? Maybe It needed to tell another sentient species the story of what happened to its race? Are they sizing up Earth as a possible refugee destination?

So many questions … and like these wonderful extraterrestrial amphibian humanoids, I will continue to seek answers.

Dear Reader: Thank you for visiting my site and reading my articles!

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