UFO of God & Synchronisity


When Chris Bledsoe came out with his long-promised UFO encounter book, my first notion was to take a pass.

I have heard his remarkable story elsewhere numerous times over the past years. Bledsoe has made himself available for multiple interviews across many webcast platforms. However — I am glad I did not take a pass on this book!

Reading UFO of God provided me with scads of insight, added information and profound revelations that I never expected from what is arguably the most important “UFO case” in history.

Note that I placed “UFO case” in parentheses.

That’s because relegating the Bledsoe story to a “UFO encounter” fails to capture and fully define the amazing scope & meaning of these extraordinary events –- and they are ongoing and continue to evolve from his original experience in 2007 to this present day.

I agree with the former director of operations for the CIA, Jim Semivan, who called the Bledsoe case “the most important of the Millennium.”


I’m going to skip providing readers with my standard book review and an overview of how the Bledsoe case happened & played out, beginning with the seminal event that occurred near the Cape Fear River in North Carolina.

The case is so well known, I am going to assume you already have a gist of the story. If you don’t, simply search on YouTube for “Chris Bledsoe UFO” and you’ll find dozens of interviews with Chris telling of his stunning encounter — or get UFO of God and read it!

Instead of my usual standard book review, then, I want to write about an amazing sense of synchronicity I felt with both the narrative of UFO of God and many aspects of the life of Chris Bledsoe. In particular, I was struck by a series of similar experiences my life shares with that of Chris. They are:


–> Both Chris and I were nearly killed after being accidentally shot in a hunting accident. We were both 10 years old when it happened.

–> Like Chris, after lying and bleeding on the ground for what seemed like an eternity, I was hauled from a remote, rural area to a small-town hospital by a farmer driving a battered old model vehicle.

–> Like Chris, a farmer grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and ran with me to his car. Bledsoe remembers floating outside his body as he clung to life. He recalled “the rough hands of the farmer on the steering wheel.” I was gob-smacked when I read that because I experienced a similar out-of-body experience viewpoint and among my most vivid memories is the rough hands of my farmer-rescuer gripping the steering wheel.

–> Instead of rushing the badly bleeding 10-year-old Chris Bledsoe straight to an emergency room, the farmer opted instead to make a stop at Chris’s grandfather’s house to tell him what happened!

–> The farmer transporting me did the same thing! He took a detour to first stop at my parent’s house to tell them what happened — even though I was bleeding to death on the torn backseat of an old Chevy.

–> Chris has numerous pellet fragments in his body to this day. I have a single bullet fragment in my body today, 54 years after the event.

–> The same as Chris, two boys — the one who shot me and another — engaged in a lengthy confused argument about what to do as I lay in the snow bleeding before they ran for help.

–> A few hours before being shot in the back with a shotgun — I was shot in the front through the stomach with a rifle— Chris came face to face with a large owl in a wooded area by a tree.

–> I also saw a large owl before I was shot. It was a magnificent white snowy owl. It was sitting in a pine tree near the farm where my accident happened. My location was frigid northern Minnesota on a sub-zero January day. Snowy owls come down from the Arctic during northern Minnesota winters.


Speaking of owls, I noticed that both Chris and I have frequently encountered these winged messengers in significant ways that seem more than random encounters.

For Chris, owls have been a portent of disaster, or perhaps a fair warning to prepare for a life-altering event. For example, an owl landed on his home’s CB radio antenna and stared Chris in the eye. The tower was soon struck by lightning and his house was severely damaged by fire.

Of course, both of us saw an owl as a portent of being nearly fatally wounded by firearms. Since I was a young man and a woodsy hiking and biking enthusiast, owls often come out of nowhere (or somewhere) to follow me. They often swoop in close, peer down and look me right in the face.

Wildlife biologists would say that’s not unusual because owls are well-known to be usually curious. They are often curious about people. However, owls have recently become part of my “orb channeling” practice. Chris and I both seek interaction with orbs nearly every night. I’ll explain this further in a bit, but first another brief owl story.

At right & middle is a common stance when I seek to attract orbs but very often an owl will swoop in to “photo bomb” my effort. However, if an owl inserts itself into my practice, a lot more orbs will show up later. More on the orb-owl connection later in this article. Please read on! Photos by KEN KORCZAK


About 16 years ago, a northern boreal owl came into my yard and seemed unusually active. It was flying around outside our house and swooping through our yard out here in my remote, rural northern Minnesota location.

It was also making an odd call — a combination of a “huff” and a “bark.” The owl veered, dived and swooped about proclaiming:

“Hruff, hruff, hruff!”

“Hruff, hruff, hruff!”

The owl watched my door. When I came out, it would jump up and fly around me. It seemed to be trying to get my attention for some reason. It seemed urgent. Persistently, it projected its strange call:

“Hruff, hruff, hruff!”

That night after dark, I heard the owl in the woods making its eccentric barking call again. It was so insistent that I got out of bed at about 2:30 a.m. and went out into the woods. I followed the “hruff, hruff, hruff!” vocalization of the owl. Then, fairly deep into the woods, my flashlight beam captured the green glow of two sets of eyes among the underbrush.

I moved in closer, and there in the woods, I found a lost little dog. It was a miniature sheltie. Not far from the dog was a skinny, scruffy little black cat, about halfway between kittenhood and adulthood.

I scooped up the little dog and brought it back home into the house. I could not catch or coax the kitten to come with me right away. Back in the house with the dog, I noticed that something was odd about the way it acted, but I could not put my finger on it right away.

I would soon discover, however, that the dog was blind.

I went back out into the woods, and after a lot of coaxing, I convinced the black kitten to follow me out of the woods to my house. As I said, he was a half-grown cat and looked like he had been on hard times — malnourished, bald patches in his fur, thin as a waif.

To make a long story short, both the blind dog and the black cat became our beloved pets and lived happy lives with us. The black cat died from cancer after 15 years — he transitioned to the nonphysical realm just earlier this year on my birthday.

Sadly, the blind sheltie was killed by a car about four years after he joined our family. I mourned my little blind dog bitterly — as did Chris Bledsoe after his beloved dog, Nell, was also killed by a car.

Anyway …

When I began an intense investigation of the orb phenomenon three years ago via the practice of orb photography, owls started showing up much more frequently and began timing their flights to insert themselves into my orb photos.

My automated camera does not always catch them as it did in the photos I presented above and this one below:

I often use a “shamanic staff” to perform “ritualized” orb channeling. This often attracts an owl or sometimes, as in this photo, “owl-like” apparitions. Photos by KEN KORCZAK


When I was growing up, my mom and dad owned a grocery store situated on Main Street in our small town of 714 people. The store was a once-prominent Minnesota grocery franchise called Red Owl.

We initially lived right in the back of the store in an apartment that was attached to the back. Thus, I literally spent my childhood in a building that had an “owl name.”

We also had a lot of “Red Owl swag” — that is, Red Owl t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, etc. So, owl symbolization was a principal element of my youth. I sometimes mused that wearing an owl hat or t-shirt drew “owl energy” to me.

My mom & dad’s old Red Owl store. They would later build a more modern store. Upper left is the once-famous Red Owl logo and below a typical Red Owl hat. The Red Owl brand dissolved in the 1980s.



Chris and I are near the same age (I’m about 2–3 years older), but I gather from his book that we both contracted rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in our 30th decade. My arthritis is moderate to severe, (more on the severe side now as I grow older), and I gather the same might be true for Chris as well.

Like Chris, I have been an avid vegetable gardener for many years and we grow on a fairly large scale.

In UFO of God, Chris relates his struggles to keep his gardens going while battling the debilitating pain and limited movement of joints, wrists hands and fingers, not to mention painful knees and ankles.

Well — I can relate!


Now I want to talk about how both Chris and I interact with orbs and “The Phenomenon” on an ongoing basis.

First, let me say there is a significant qualitative difference between my interaction with orbs and ‘The Phenomenon” and that of Chris Bledsoe.

Let me describe it this way using a baseball analogy:

When it comes to orbs & other strange anomalies, Bledsoe would be an A-list marquee major league baseball star who would be swinging the bat in the World Series and playing for a perennial MLB top-tier team like the New York Yankee or Atlanta Braves.

I, on the other hand, would be a minor league player benching for an obscure Single-A squad in some Backwater Town, USA. I’d be lucky to be earning gas money as a shortstop for the Grand Forks, North Dakota, Channel Cats.

That said, I can say that I saw my first UFO at age nine over the skies of northern Minnesota. It was a dumbbell-shaped “craft” that cruised across the skies on the eastern outskirts of my small Minnesota farming community near the Canadian border.

It was a sighting only, however, with no ancillary phenomena associated with the event.

Also, right around age nine, I became a dedicated amateur astronomer. It became a lifetime pursuit. I have spent countless nights and thousands of hours under dark starry skies with my beloved 6-inch Newtonian reflector.

Occasionally out there in the dark under starry skies, I began to notice the occasional but rare appearance of orbs — sometimes way up in the sky (definitely not satellites) or down near ground level or tree-top level.

As a boy, and then later on, I simply took these orb sightings in stride.

Even though I was a bona fide UFO buff starting at age nine, I nevertheless did not ascribe any special meaning to the appearances of ball-like energy forms — much less consider at least some of them may be sentient or intelligent.

I know today, however, that some orbs do carry sentience, display & convey specific information and act intelligently.

But early on, I favored a mainstream scientific outlook. That’s because I was young and naive. I wrongly thought that “science was everything.” Thus, I mused that the orbs I saw were possibly natural plasma formations or some kind of inter-atmospheric ionization phenomena that most likely had a “natural laws” explanation. This seems idiotic to me now.


Despite my lifelong interest and study of UFOs, it wasn’t until the year 2020 that I made the conscious decision to begin a more personal and intensive study/investigation of the orb phenomenon.

What prompted this endeavor was watching a presentation by the renowned ufologist Grant Cameron on his WhiteHouse UFO YouTube channel.

Cameron occasionally hosts what he calls The Orbs Panel. It’s people who photograph and investigate orbs and share their images and stories. After watching The Orbs Panel, I was inspired to grab my el-cheapo Canon PowerShot digital camera and go out into a lovely, starry May night. I told myself I would snap just a few pics and see if any orbs showed up.

I live in a remote, rural area of northern Minnesota’s oak-aspen savannah near a wildlife refuge where there is a complete absence of light pollution. I ended up taking just one picture that night. After a click, there in the tiny LCD screen of my little Canon camera was an orb front and center. I went back into the house to enlarge the picture on my laptop. Here is the photo I captured:


This orb with an obvious “8” or “infinity symbol” gave me pause. I was expecting nothing or just some amorphous blob of light created by some random particulate suspended in the air.

Note: See my full article that resulted from my contemplation of this orb here: ORBS, INTELLECT & IMAGINATION

Anyway, this image was just enough to send me back out to try a lot more picks — and an intensive and passionate pursuit of orb images ensued.

From that night onward, my orb images quickly began to grow more profound in appearance and soon began to display novel imagery, from numbers and faces to images of my deceased pets and “alien beings.” Speaking of aliens, note that sometimes my image captures are not simply orbs but intriguing “apparitions” of certain types of “alien” beings. Here is one example:

Photo at left by KEN KORCZAK. Middle is AI enhancement to gain a frontal view. At right is artistic impression sketch by KEN KORCZAK

A deceased pet might show up in an orb:


A Tibetan monk of the 15th Century might appear in an orb:

Photo at right by KEN KORCZAK

Sometimes weird plasma-like curls appear with “weird” faces attached:


Orbs can fly around high in the sky and act “UFO-like”:


Sometimes I commune closely with orbs. As a bonus, I am wearing a shirt with an owl on the front in this photo:



I later decided to bring a new element to my orb-seeking efforts by applying ritualized shamanistic practices using a shaman’s staff:


Orbs sometimes dramatically grace the deep Minnesota woods:


And I have thousands more photos of great diversity and variety, but I think the small sampling I have provided here gives a flavor of the kind of orb engagement I have pursued.

My orb study is actually quite complex and incorporates meditation techniques, lucid dream induction and the application of conscious intent to precipitate action/outcomes. I won’t get into any of that now.


So, although Chris Bledsoe and I both interact with orbs, I believe the depth and scope of his experience are far more profound than mine.

The latter is especially true when considering his contact with the entity he calls “The Lady,” the manifestation of apports on his property, the appearance of “shadow people” inside his home and a host of other phenomena.

Our experience with The Phenomenon is different, but that’s the way it should be.

Every person is a unique and Individualized Unit of Consciousness (to borrow a term from physicist Tom Campbell). Each of us bears the gift of experiencing The Universe and The Phenomenon in a way that is specifically calibrated to the one-of-kind construct each of us represents.

However, although we experience our “personal universe” in a highly individualized manner, we nevertheless manifest these experiences within the framework of an overarching context that is a consensus reality.

That’s how I can find numerous synchronicities with Chris Bledsoe. He, I, owls, cats, dogs, aliens, angels, Bigfoot— all creatures and things — are “One” and participating in a mutual Universe — a consensus reality.

We’re all contributing to its constant unfolding that is the very creation of experience life, reality and Consciousness.


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