New UFO Whistleblower: “I Met a Blue ET in the Nevada Desert”


After the historic U.S. Congressional televised UAP task force hearing featuring bombshell whistleblower David Grusch last July, the UFO community has been stewing with anticipation and frothing for a repeat event with a fresh batch of whistleblowers.

Grusch himself intimated that many more like him await in the wings, all eager to drop bombshell UFO revelations.

Another luminary bolstering the whistleblower cache-in-waiting is the famed Harvard-trained constitutional lawyer Daniel Sheehan, a decades-long advocate of bashing down the iron walls of government UFO secrecy. Sheehan founded the New Paradigm Institute, an organization demanding more UFO/UAP Congressional hearings.

Sheehan said a list of “40 whistleblowers” is ready to talk.

Well, all this tantalizing news for those of us eager for disclosure. It gives us hope. Unfortunately, the latest news on the next possible whistleblower front has me stooping to dragging out some cliches:

“Be careful what you wish for because you might get it.”


“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


“The devil is in the details.”

That’s because the “UFO insider community” was recently set abuzz over a leak about who the next legitimate whistleblower might be and the sensational story he is ready to tell.

However, as more information has leaked, troubling red flags about this potential witness sprouted like spring poppies. But let me step back now and set it up for you:


I first heard about the new whistleblower from a source I respect, Canadian ufologist Grant Cameron’s Whitehouse UFO YouTube channel. Along with guest co-host — the remarkably well-informed Nicole Sakach — Cameron recently interviewed Courtney Marchesani.

Marchesani works in the field of integrative medicine and holds a master’s degree in that discipline from Saybrook University. She has an impressive resume as a mainstream researcher in the medical field. She’s a PH.D. candidate and the author of well-received books.

Marchesani is also apparently well-connected in the UFO community. She sometimes handles a stint as a host on Spaced Out Radio. She has access to a lot of “insiders.” This recently allowed Marchesani to meet with a man who wants to come out as the next whistleblower and possibly testify under oath in front of Congress.

Marchesani did not name her contact, but his identity has since been leaked. He is Jason Sands, a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he served 20 years and retired with the rank of Master Sergeant.

After that, he went to work for certain intelligence agencies, possibly with the Department of Defense. Sands said he worked as an intelligence analyst and gave his title as “Action Officer.”

Marchessani said that Sands showed her “multiple forms of proof of his work. He showed me three different forms of ID. All three had his picture, name, and government affiliation.” (Source)

Whatever the case, what Sands told Marchesani in a private, off-the-record conversation was so juicy it caused UFO disclosure enthusiasts to drool.


Here is the gist of what potential whistleblower Jason Sands told Marchesani when they met for an informal chat at a coffee shop somewhere on the East Coast:

One day, while working on a government project in an area near Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, he encountered a blue-skinned alien entity wearing U.S. military fatigues. The alien was traveling with a convoy out in the Nevada desert. The new and potential whistleblower told Marchesani that he conversed with this ET or NHI (Non-Human Intelligence) both verbally and telepathically.

Now some further brief highlights about his story as told to Marchesani and which told to Cameron and Sakach:

–> His encounter with an alien occurred outside of Nellis Air Force Base.

–> The alien being was riding in a vehicle that was part of a military convoy heading somewhere.

–> The convoy had just come from what might have been a crashed UFO site, or perhaps a UFO that made an emergency landing due to a problem with the craft.

–> The alien was sitting in the passenger seat of a truck.

–> The alien had blue skin, tiny ears and was definitely not a human being.

–> The alien communicated telepathically with Jason Sands.

–> The alien told Mr. Sands that a person in the backseat of the truck was “freaking out.”

–> The alien may have been seeking assistance from resources at Nellis. Mr. Sands asked him why he did not go to “Area 51.” The alien replied: “They’re murderers.”

And there was a bit more from Marchesani, but I’ll leave it there.

Marchesani said she discussed this case with guests on a previous episode of Spaced Out Radio. She only later realized — she told Grant Cameron and Nicole Sakach — that she may have revealed more about the whistleblower story than she should have. As a result, some of the comments on the show were “taken down,” she said.

It was too late, however. The cat was not only out of the bag. Indeed, the cat was way out of the bag, and probably even before Marchesani’s revelations on Spaced Out Radio.


Asit turns out, the well-known UFO documentarian and filmmaker James Fox had already been in contact with whistleblower Jason Sands for several months. The word is that Fox planned to feature Sands in a new film he is preparing for release.

James Fox is known for films such as UFOs: 50 Years of Denial (1997) and The Phenomenon. (2020).

oDuring a recent interview about his upcoming film, a clip was shown of Mr. Fox on the set of his film with an assistant holding one of those clapboards — also called a film slate. On it was written the name “Jason Sands.”

That was it. Now the name of the whistleblower was “out there.” Many astute UFO junkies were able to piece things together and ID Mr. Sands as the new whistleblower. Even though that Fox video was also “pulled back” (said Nicole Sakach), it was too late.

Nothing stays hidden on the internet!

Soon the name of Jason Sands and his information was being discussed on Reddit, other forums and on numerous small-bait YouTube webcasts that cover UFOs.


Somewhere in the drama (I’m a tad uncertain of the timeline), Jason Sands agreed to an interview on Spaced Out Radio. He said some things that immediately began to trigger the “bullshit meters” of skeptics and UFO advocates alike.

To keep this article brief, I’ll only mention one:

Sands proclaimed (or at least seemed to claim) that he was a veteran of a supposed secret space program known within the UFO community as “20 and Back.”

You could almost hear a thunderous “GAK!” issue from the suddenly constricted throats of the collective UFO brethren!


Well, for those who do not know what 20 and Back is, here is a brief explainer:

It purports to be a super-secret space program that recruits mostly young military men into a situation wherein they are transported into some alternate dimension or universe. They are involuntarily conscripted into serving a 20-year stint as “super soldiers” in a cosmic war fought between a multitude of intergalactic alien beings, including earthlings.

The 20 and Back conscripts serve on massive spaceships or in underground facilities in places like the moons of Jupiter, Mars, the asteroid belt and various other huge space platforms and space stations. They interact with a wide array of alien species. That includes everything from classic “greys” and reptilians to intelligent cat-like and bird-like humanoids from other worlds.

Now get this: After a soldier completes his or her 20 years of duty in the galactic conflict, he or she is released from service and “zapped” back into their normal earthly physical body.

But the kicker is that no time has passed from the time they left to the time they returned. Most of their memories are erased — and it’s like nothing happened at all. The problem is that some veterans of 20 and Back have been able to reclaim their memories for mysterious reasons and now they’re telling their stories and selling books to enthralled UFO audiences.

20 and Back has evolved into a subgenre of ufology over the past decade or so. The person most associated with 20 and Back is Corey Goode. To make a long story short, Goode was recently forced to admit that he concocted the 20 and Back scenario to avoid perjuring himself in court. This was while testifying under oath during a civil legal trial — and I won’t get into what the trial was about.

But no matter. 20 and Back has been injected into the veins of the UFO oeuvre and it enjoys a small following of “believers” who think it’s all true or at least plausible. After Corey Goode blazed his bullshit trail for 20 and Back, new stars of the genre have since emerged and continue to enjoy popularity and brisk book sales based on this concept.

Perhaps the best example of the latter is Tony Rodriguez. He is the author of a bestselling book titled: Ceres Colony Cavalier: A True Account of One Man’s 20-Year Abduction. One can hardly go for a day without seeing Rodrigues telling his story on one podcast, YouTube channel or another.

But now back to our new whistleblower.

Jason Sands has since come out with a public statement wherein he says (vaguely) that the 20 and Back program he referenced in his interview may not be the same infamous 20 and Back cock-n-bull story of Corey Goode and the like. A part of his statement reads:

“I clarified that while 20 and Back is not an official program name, it refers to a significant, though difficult, experience with the program that I was a part of.”

Okay! I guess that clears up everything!

Whatever the case, a significant blow for Jason Sands is this recent comment made by New Paradigm Institute director Daniel Sheehan. He made this statement in an interview with host “Patrick” of the VETTED webcast show:

“All I know is that (Jason Sands) has reached out to us and asked us whether we would be willing to represent him legally. We did some background checking on him, etcetera, and we said no. We have 18 lawyers working with us at the New Paradigm Institute. They have been trained in detail on how to represent whistleblowers at all levels, and we did our research on (Jason Sands) and we said no.”


As I write this, the story of Jason Sands continues to evolve, roil and boil across the UFO social media universe. People are taking sides. Some are defending Mr. Sands while urging others not to “rush to judgment.” It is safe to say that most of the ufology community is heaping scorn upon the whole affair.

I have been steeped in UFO literature since the late 1960s and have followed every twist and turn of the psycho-social plot of ufology writ large for 50+ years. One key phrase that has allowed me to keep my sanity along the way is:

“Learn to live gracefully with uncertainty!”

Despite all, there may very well be some truth and legitimacy to Mr. Sands’s story. The sad part is that it now no longer matters. Mr. Sands is damaged goods.

Is he a legitimate witness to alien encounters & activity — and subsequently the victim of powerful and clever government psyops operatives who expertly injected doubt into his story before he had a chance to make his case? Or is he simply a phony, a hoaxer or confused or in some way and a victim of his own misunderstanding of what he has experienced?

It’s classic ufology, a field where the truth is so often impossible to find.


I would urge all readers to read an article published by Courtney Marchesani in which she offers some of her observations about UAP whistleblower leaks: WHISTLEBLOWER LEAKS

In fairness to Jason Sands, here is a statement he recently posted in which he offers his side of the story: JASON SANDS OFFICIAL STATMENT


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