Dark Matter Monsters: Exotic Energy Physics Might Show That Bigfoot is Real


A sociologist makes his case that coherent matter, neutrinos, cold fusion effects and more create conditions that allow paranormal events to arise

I have been waiting a long time for a book just like this one: Dark Matter Monsters.

That’s because sociologist Simeon Hein Ph.D. has finally developed a solid, plausible and scientifically well-argued solution to one of the most confounding mysteries of our time:

The true nature of Bigfoot —

— but also a host of other paranormal mysteries, from UFOs and ghosts to orbs and encounters with parallel universes.

Before I tell you why I find Dark Matter Monsters to be Manna from Innovative-Thinking Heaven, jump back with me now into a time machine for a brief trip 55 years into the past: It was 1967, and I was eight years old.

Like most boys, I thought monsters and aliens were cool thanks to those old movies like King Kong, Earth vs the Flying Saucers and Godzilla. But 1967 was also the year that a mere 60 seconds of a shaky, grainy film captured in northern California was released and created a global sensation. It was the Patterson-Gimlin film.

It appeared to show a large ape-like creature striding through a rugged forest landscape — and filmmakers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin vehemently asserted their footage was genuine.

You mean it’s possible that monsters are real? Wow!

Hoax or not, in the subsequent decades, I read anything I could get my hands on about Bigfoot, Sasquatch and cryptids. That included the endless debate about the reality or nonreality of sundry mysterious creatures that do truly seem to creepeth upon our planet.

Focusing on Bigfoot, I came to put all such literature into two broad categories that asserted:

A. Bigfoot is a primate species yet to achieve official taxonomic classification by the science of zoology. In other words, it’s an ordinary (albeit exotic) earth-evolved animal.

B. Bigfoot represents some manner of paranormal phenomena. In other words, the final answer on who or what Bigfoot is will come from outside the realm of mainstream science.

We might select (among many) the late anthropologist Grover Krantz Ph.D. as the archetype of Category 1.

Through the application of staid scientific method, the Washington State University professor came to believe that Bigfoot was real (including the Patterson-Gimlin film) and that it must be some manner of an uncannily elusive giant ape.

To represent the other end of the scale, Category 2, I’ll select Jack “Kewaunee” Lasperitis. A master’s degree-level anthropologist, Lasperitis is convinced that Bigfoot goes hand-in-hand with the UFOs phenomena. In his book, The Psychic Sasquatch, (see my review) he makes the case that Bigfoot comes to our earth as an associate of extraterrestrial “Star People.

Lasperitis is the type of guy that mainstream academia and various media operatives relish in dismissing as a “flakey woo-woo boffin.”

He accords a wide manner of paranormal phenomena to Bigfoot, from psychic abilities and the power of invisibility to superhuman intelligence and command of exotic energies (such as orb tossing).

Lasperitis says Bigfoot is not an animal. Rather, he contends it is a distinct race of (probably extraterrestrial) beings that are better described as “people.”

Note: Keep in mind that Category 1 and Category 2 are the bookends of a sliding scale of theoretical models that represent a spectrum between (1) mainstream and (2) woo-woo.

Over the years, the agonizing reality for Category 1 “all-sciency folks” is that they have been unable to prove that Bigfoot is what they believe it to be— a yet-to-be-categorized species of great ape. That’s the case despite the diligent application of empirical methodology, traditional animal tracking/hunting efforts and so much more.

I long ago concluded that mainstream science had taken a wrong turn on the Bigfoot issue.

Somehow, science had stranded itself on the dead-end shores of a sclerotic conventional empiricism and relegated itself to accepting the fallback positions of: “It’s all just nonsense, misidentifications and/or hoaxers.” Unfortunately for the skeptics, Bigfoot doesn’t care about them or mainstream science. It just keeps running into people out in the wilderness and keeps allowing itself to be seen by thousands of super credible witnesses decade after decade.

On the other hand:

Those who favor a paranormal explanation for Bigfoot suffer from the “magical thinking” problem.

That is, when they convey a credible report about witnesses who saw Bigfoot “carrying a glowing orb” or “running faster than a speeding car” or “sending thoughts of fear and dread directly into their minds” — they have no workable or grounded theory as to how these events might be possible.

Essentially, the fallback position for Category 2 people boils down to:

“It’s paranormal magic!”

Simeon Hein, Ph.D.

Enter Dr. Simeon Hein.

In his new book, Dark Matter Monsters, the Colorado-based sociologist offers a robust and multifaceted scenario that goes a long way toward creating a plausible bridge that can meld Categories 1 and 2.

Yes, finally, here is a tenable model that lets us have our cake and eat it too.

Hein has taken a deep dive into the study of exotic energies, natural cosmological artifacts and observations of processes that occur on the incredibly weird and tiny scale of quantum physics — but which also manifest on the macrolevel in ways we tend not to see or ignore even if we do.

Hein’s thesis is focused, yet wide-ranging and versatile. At every turn his assertions are backed up with scads of referenced peer-reviewed research by leading-edge (and sometimes “outlier”) scientists. It is important to note, however, that Hein also references plenty of established science, some of it dating back to the 1950s, including more than a few areas of research that garnered Nobel Prize status.

It’s just that he applies or “repurposes” this established science in an innovative way.

In Dark Matter Monsters, Hein puts it this way, writing:

“The thesis of this book is simple: I believe at the heart of every phenomenon we call ‘paranormal’ is, in fact, coherent matter and related processes. Coherent matter can create cloaking, transmutation, teleportation and ball lightning. It happens, as we’ll see, in microscopic processes in Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, previously known as Cold Fusion.”

He further states:

“Researchers into cold fusion phenomena, such as Takaaki Matsumoto and Alexander Parkhomov, have reported strange phenomena around their experiments bordering on the paranormal. These include balls of light, gravity decay, EMF pulses and anomalous radiation.”

I’m arguing … that these are the same phenomena we see around purportedly haunted sites, cryptids and UFOs. These are all varieties of coherent matter.”

At left is an EVO (Self Organizing Plasma) created in the lab by the SAFIRE PROJECT and at right is a natural free-floating “orb” photographed in the remote Minnesota woods. Photo at right by KEN KORCZAK

I’ll say a tad more about coherent matter in a second, but Hein also draws upon much more to make his case. In fact, way, way more.

He illuminates for us an array of exotic energies, processes and natural subatomic particles that ply our universe. He makes a powerful case that it is these factors that make possible such phenomena as Bigfoot and why these fearsome, muscular hairy entities are so good at defying conventional identification.

Cumulatively, what Hein is leveraging here dark matter. Even those with a casual interest in science have probably at least heard about dark matter.

But in simple terms:

Astrophysicists say that dark matter is all those particles that do not absorb, reflect or emit light. That means they cannot be detected through observation of the known electromagnetic spectrum. We know “all this stuff” exists, however, because of the effect it has on that which we can observe.

Hein references astrophysicist Joel Primack who said that there are “10 invisible particles in our universe for everyone that is visible.

But wait! If you include “Dark Energy” into the mix — such as non-luminous matter and something called non-baryonic particles (to name just a couple) — one can make the case that just 0.5% of our universe is visible! In simple terms again, what this suggests is that there are just gobs of strange and wildly exotic “stuff” floating around everywhere right now — and that this stuff is interacting with us in our daily lives that we are blind to most of the time.

It goes unnoticed, that is, until something incredibly weird, bizarre and unexplainable happens, such as a Bigfoot encounter, we go about our lives oblivious to a hidden reality all around us. To take another example, consider a subatomic particle called a relic neutrino, sometimes referred to as “the Holy Grail of neutrino physics.”

These are not the standard neutrinos we hear most about in science articles. Relic neutrinos are a variety of these ghostly particles that were created in the early time period following the Big Bang which created the physically observed universe we recognize today. Standard neutrinos (if I may call them that) are famous for their fantastically ghost-like properties. Such a particle can travel through a gigantic block of solid lead without so much as “rubbing elbows” with a single Pb atom!

Not so for their primordial cousins, the relic neutrinos. They can interact with solid matter far more readily, Hein writes:

“Relic neutrinos interact with us at all times and have a wavelength big enough to affect our biological and energetic processes and everything on earth … they also promote nuclear transmutation and alchemy, as it were.”

He adds that relic neutrinos can interact with yet another “cousin” — the “cold neutrino” — that fall out of cold fusion reactions. When relic and cold neutrinos find an opportunity to interact, “weird things can happen,” Hein says — and that in turn can manifest as a wide variety of phenomena that we call “paranormal.”

Bear with me as I give just a brief definition of coherent energy before I move on because it is central to Hein’s overall thesis. It starts with something called condensed matter phenomenon. This is when sub-atomic particles are “pushed together” enough so that particles began to correlate. This process, in turn, produces “strange effects” that actually make modern electronic processes possible, such as superconductivity, quantum tunneling and resonance.

However, when and if this correction effect somehow gets pushed further, the already tightly packed sub-atomic particles start acting like one another. In other words, when the “snowball” gets big enough and densely packed enough, all the individual particles act like one big particle. All the individual snowflakes now transfer their “identity” to “snowball” and act like one.

This is coherent energy.

It is important to note that all this is not theoretical stuff. Coherent matter is created in labs by researchers and some major industries have already claimed patents on coherent energy systems. One of them is the aerospace giant, Lockheed Martin. It filed in 2013 for a patent on what it calls a “Coherent Matter Wave Energy Beam” — in short, “an atomic laser!

An anomalous red object with, apparently, three “orbs” in tow. Remote northern Minnesota woods. Photo by KEN KORCZAK

The larger point Simeon Hein is putting forward, however, is that these amazing energies and processes are scientifically legitimate and grounded stuff. Major corporations, such as Lockheed Martin, are not awarded patents for woo-woo!

Furthermore, these effects are well understood and observed to produce bizarre anomalistic happenings in the vicinities where they arise naturally or are created artificially — and if they manage to maintain stasis (or coherence) for significant periods of time.

The argument Hein is making is:

Where you find these exotic energies — you may just see a Bigfoot, encounter a ghost, a flying orb or a full-blown UFO.

Keep in mind that I’m only relating the surface ideas here for my brief review. If you want to understand these kinds of reactions, well, you’ll have to read the book. It wraps all of this up in a nice, workable bow of context. In my view, Hein has made a convincing case for correlating paranormal phenomena with the dark matter particles and energies that all of us are immersed within every moment of our lives.


Although my review is already overlong, I would be remiss if I did not mention the psycho-social attributes of the Dark Matter Monsters concept as laid out by the author.

Hein draws on his academic background as a sociologist to create a more comprehensive context for why paranormal phenomena, such as Bigfoot, ghosts and UFOs, have historically endured challenges in gaining wider acceptance within our technologically oriented 21st Century world.

As he did in his previous book, Black Swan Ghosts, (see my review) Hein invokes a social phenomenon called “hidden events.” He cites research conducted by Eastern Michigan University sociologist Dr. Ron Westrum.

Briefly, a hidden event is when something extraordinary and unexplainable happens to a person, but they refuse to talk about it out of fear of societal ridicule or even societal ostracism.

Thus, when social researchers fan out into society to study all kinds of social and cultural dynamics, the statistical representations of paranormal events are skewed or distorted — and thus do not reflect reality — because an inordinate number of people simply refuse to talk about or even mention it.

This means that there are significant and influential social experiences that might be included in all the standard databases, but they remain off the radar, so to speak. It leaves yawning gaps in our understanding of what is actually going on in our world.

When you combine this sociological factor with the as yet not well understood and recognized effects of exotic energies, dark matter and dark energy, it becomes apparent that the world’s body of mainstream data and science — that which is accepted on an official level — is not the whole story.

What we commonly believe to be and accept as our daily normal reality is merely an anemic, surface-level conception of reality. Life is much more expansive, more magical and more mysterious than we imagine! So, yes, all around us, in those hidden realms of sub-atomic particles, quantum-level reactions and cultural-socially created blind spots lurk the Dark Matter Monsters …

… and those monsters are real.


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