Cryptid Holograms, Flat Universe Monsters & the NASA Probe

Wendigo (left) and the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe. Is there a connection between the NASA probe and the ‘monster?’


This is a true story about a mysterious monster that has been sighted for centuries here in my northern Minnesota woods — and this apparition makes Bigfoot seem tame by comparison.

But wait…!

This amazing story will entail a surprising twist I never expected. That’s because it will include elements of the hard sciences of mathematics, space exploration and astronomy. It will show an intriguing connection between a legendary monster seen by many and an ultra-sophisticated NASA deep space probe.

Yes, there will be math — but I promise this is not a boring story. Not to worry! I won’t show you the math! I’ll only explain to you what it means and why it may indicate that cryptid monsters may just be real.

This story was prompted by my initiative some 20 years ago to flush out stories in my local northern Minnesota area about UFOs, Bigfoot and sundry paranormal phenomena. I placed a classified ad in a local small, weekly newspaper that said simply:

“Have you seen a UFO, ghost, Bigfoot or something strange that you can’t explain? Call me 555–5555. Confidentiality guaranteed.”

I expected exactly no one here in staid, conservative small-town Minnesota to respond — but the result was eventually more than 150 contacts, stories and dozens of interviews. Among the callers were mostly folks with UFO encounters to report along with a handful of extremely odd “off-the-charts” tales of paranormal experience.

I found two direct witness sightings of Bigfoot in my northwest Minnesota area— but fascinatingly — I was directed to three stories of sightings of a creature that Minnesota’s indigenous Ojibway people call the Wendigo.


Similar to the shapeshifter “Skinwalker” creature associated with the Ute tribe and now Skinwalker Rank in Utah, the Wendigo comes out of the traditions & lore of the Ojibway culture, an Algonquin-speaking tribe.

The Wendigo might be described as part Bigfoot, part bizarre alien creature, and with a bit of prehistoric, shamanic demi-god mixed in. It is often depicted as a 10–12-foot tall emaciated-looking upright-walking monster with cervid-like (deer, moose, elk, caribou) horns.

Representation of a wendigo according to the Algonquian tradition. Wiki Common share alike image by SpongePP

Wendigos are also reported to display exposed ribs and/or a skeletal frame with desiccated, sometimes rotting flesh clinging precariously to its bony form. The Wendigo is notorious for its hunger for human flesh.

Yet, what’s uncanny about this horrific, macabre entity is that it’s also sometimes reported to wear white lacy robes. It sometimes has “a star” emblazoned or even carved into its forehead.

Tradition says that those who encountered the Wendigo might subsequently suffer a death in the family — if they are lucky enough to survive with their own skin intact.

This creature is as much a portent of doom as a direct assailant of those unlucky enough to cross its path in the northern woods.


Sightings of the Wendigo were rare but reported occasionally here in my home base of Roseau County, Minn., from the late 1800s through the 1920s, particularly around the hamlet of Ross near the Canadian border.

I did some shoe leather research and found several references to Wendigo sightings in archives kept at the Roseau County Historical Society. I found two reports made by white settlers. Native Americans are more likely to report seeing Wendigo because it’s deeply incorporated into their culture.

One (unfortunately very brief report with no details) tells of a “Mrs. Olson” who saw a Wendigo in her yard within the city limits of Roseau in 1944. The city held a population of about 1,700 at the time. Most of the sightings centered near the area of Ross, however. Once a thriving but small village of white settlers, this tiny town was also adjacent to a considerable settlement cluster of Ojibway or Chippewa people.

Ross, Minnesota. Public Domain photo by Andrew Filer

Ross today is little more than a country church and a few scattered rural homes.

Much of the pristine forest-prairie transition zone has long since been given over to farmland. The trees have been cleared, and significantly, large areas of primitive no-mans-land swamplands were drained.

In short, it’s no longer the ideal environment for quasi-mythical beasts.

Can Wendigo be written off as mythical? When I read the accounts of Wendigo encounters, one peculiar aspect of the phenomenon struck me as downright bizarre and begged for a closer look.


When I saw this particular piece of sighting datum, I could not stop thinking about it. I said to myself:

“Why would anyone make something like that up? How could they even think of that or imagine it?”

What was it? It was a witness who saw Wendigo near the Ross who said:

“When you looked at it from the side it was flat like a piece of paper.”

I did some further internet research on this and, sure enough, the Wendigo as “flat-screen apparition” has been reported more than once in other areas around Canada and the U.S. Why is this significant? Because it opens the door to the possibility that the Wendigo is real, and not merely an artifact of ancient Native American folklore.

Read on.


Could the appearance of the Wendigo be similar to a projection onto a flat holographic screen?

Note that:

“Captured images are projected on a flat surface but appear to be three-dimensional. Many holographic displays use a diffraction pattern to modify a light wavefront and re-create the image of an object.” (Source)

To understand how Wendigo could be observed to be “flat” by a human witness, one needs to consider the proposition that our universe may be just that — a holographic projection displayed on a flat “screen” or plane of reality.


As it happens, this is not a new or radical idea.

The flat universe scenario is very much in play among today’s cosmologists. It was first suggested early on by Russian mathematician Alexander Friedmann in 1922 when he came out with what is appropriately called the Friedmann Equations.

Friedmann derived his work from Albert Einstein’s field equations on gravitation. The conclusion that the Friedmann Equations inevitably lead to is that the universe is flat. In other words, everything we see and observe around us is that which is being projected onto a screen, much like we see movie or TV images on a flat surface.

The flat universe scenario supported by the Friedmann Equations also gives credence to the not-so-long-ago developed “Holographic Principle.” It also suggests that our universe is flat. That means that all of us people — and therefore the varieties of non-human entities — such as Bigfoot and the Wendigo — are projections from “another source.”

The Holographic Principle suggests:

“… the entire universe can be seen as a two-dimensional information structure “painted” on the cosmological horizon, such that the three dimensions we observe are only an effective description at macroscopic scales and at low energies.” Source: Physical Review Letters

The Flat Universe scenario is also revealed by the work of Dutch mathematician Willem de Sitter. However, the so-called “De Sitter Universe” comes at the issue from a different angle. This model denies the existence of matter in the universe but relies on Cosmological Constant to structure reality. Willem De Sitter also derived his equations from Einstein’s field gravity work, and he reached the same conclusion: The universe we live in is a flat projection on a screen.

Finally, both Friedmann and de Sitter have now found support in actual observational data taken by space probes, most notably the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe launched by NASA in 2001. Read more: NASA PROBE

The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe launched in 2001.

Between 2001 and 2010, the Wilkinson Probe conducted a survey of the cosmic microwave background radiation left over by the Big Bang.

To make a long story short, when measuring the angle that microwave radiation takes as it travels from the remnants of the Big Bang to Earth, and measuring the curvatures of those microwaves, it can be determined if the universe is flat, round or curved.

These measurements show (most likely) that our universe is flat. To understand this better, it might be helpful for you to view this quick video: Flat Universe Data


Is it a coincidence that scientific evidence shows that our universe is flat and that Minnesota settlers just happened to report a paranormal creature that appeared to be flat when looked at from the side?

Those with intuitive minds can’t help but sense a connection.

At the same time, many problems present themselves. For example, if the Wendigo is a flat-screen projection — and we also are a projection onto that same plane of flat reality– how is it, then, that we can step outside our dimensional framework to see another object as it really is — that is — as flat?

It is just the holographic image “glitching?”

Another big question: If we and the Wendigo are the projections, who or what is the projector?

Third: Why would the Wendigo be hostile to human beings? And what about its peculiar qualities? It wears robes of white lace? It bears a star on its forehead?

What kind of monster is that?

I suppose the latter can be attributed to the conflation and embellishments of folklore with what are possible real sightings of a bona fide, holographic-projected Wendigo.

Whatever the case, I offer the speculation that the Wendigo is more than Native American folklore, that people have seen this creature “for real” and that one way to explain its existence is that Wendigo is a holographic projection in a universe that science suggests is flat.


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