Adventures in Consciousness: I Travel to Denisova Cave in the Year 40,000 B.C.

This is the true story of how I projected my consciousness back to 40,000 B.C. to a cave in Siberia and the home of Neanderthals, Denisovans, Homo Sapiens & hybrids human beings.


In this episode of my ongoing series, “Adventures in Consciousness,” I am going to describe my attempt to project my consciousness back in time 40,000+ years. My destination was a cave that is known to have been inhabited by Neanderthals and Denisovans.

I was eventually successful —but only partially — but even that limited success required unrelenting effort that included more than 1,500 failed consciousness projection attempts over more than three years.

However, it was worth it. That’s because what I discovered was astounding.

What I experienced was epic and mind-expanding.

What I encountered was profound beyond anything I imagined.

First, let’s start with a bit of background to set the scene:



In March 2010, archaeologists recovered a bone fragment from a finger in a cave located in the Bashelaksky Range of the Altai Mountains in Siberia.

The cave is named after a hermit who was a Russian Orthodox “Old Believer.” His name was Dionisiy. This is the Russian version of “Dennis,” used familiarly as “Denisov.” He dwelled alone as a religious ascetic hermit in the cave in the 1700s.

Thus, it came to be called “Denisova Cave.”

When the finger fragment found in 2010 underwent DNA analysis, scientists were stunned to discover a heretofore unknown species of human beings. They were dubbed “The Denisovans.”

Yes! An all-new category of people had joined the human family!

The finger fragment found in Denisova Cave.

But wait! There’s more! The genomic analysis of the finger bone showed that it belonged to a female individual of perhaps 14 years of age — and she was a Neanderthal-Denisovan hybrid. Her mother was a Neanderthal. Her father was a Denisovan!

The Neanderthal-Denisovan hybrid girl was believed to have lived and died in about 41,000 B.C.


Two years before the hybrid girl’s finger was discovered, archaeologists excavating the cave made a remarkable discovery. It was a bracelet of unusual design.

The object was found in “Stratum 11” of Denisova Cave. Using oxygen isotope analysis, Statum 11 is believed to represent a period from 40,000 B.C. to possibly as old as 65,000 B.C.

The bracelet is believed to have been made by Denisovan artisans.

The craftsmanship of this piece of jewelry is mind-blowing. It features a precision-drilled hole that is 0.8 cm in diameter. The bracelet itself is made from a low-grade metamorphic rock called chlorite, a member of the mica group of minerals.

This chlorite is a beautiful shade of green. By day it reflects sunlight with a dazzling effect, and by night, a campfire would have rendered it a deep, resonating shade of green.

Additionally, microscopic analysis of the hole revealed that a leather string was laced through it, and this string is believed to have held a secondary “charm” suspended from the bracelet. They can tell that by tiny wear marks inside the hole where the leather string rubbed against it.

Above: I attempted to recreate what the Denisovan bracelet looked like when new using an AI generator. I believe this is close, except the string should be leather. To see the real picture of the bracelet go here: BRACELET

Creating the precision hole in this form of chlorite would have required an easel speed drilling device, a boring bit, a rasp — plus grinding and polishing agents to finish the surface. Leather treated with various degrees of tanning would have been used.

At the time, archaeologists believed this kind of technology did not exist in the Paleolithic Age, and only came later with the skills of Homo Sapiens in the Mesolithic or Neolithic ages.

One last thing: The chunk of green chlorite the bracelet was fashioned from was imported into this area of Siberia indicating these people engaged in trade.


As a person fascinated with archaeology since early childhood, the entire scenario of Denisova Cave and the remarkable discoveries made there are like plutonium-grade catnip to me.

I’m also someone who has experimented with a variety of esoteric practices for some 40 years, including:

Lucid Dreaming.

Remote viewing.

Jungian Active Imagination.

Ouija Board channeling.

Out-of-Body Experiences. (OBE)

Forming “actions intents” from a state of deep meditation.

In the case of Denisova Cave, I wanted to visit this location as it was in 40,000 B.C. with the hope of “catching someone at home” when I arrived there.

— — -> I wanted to meet a Neanderthal-Denisova hybrid! ← — — —

For this project, a lucid dream or an OBE would be optimal. Gaining knowledge of 40,000 B.C. Denisova via remote viewing or the Ouija board would have been cool and easier, for example— but I really wanted to “be there” as if I had stepped into a time machine and traveled there with my physical body.

Extensive experience with OBEs and lucid dreaming has proven to me that I can go to a virtually unlimited array of destinations in the past, present or future — or to places where there is no time — no past, present or future.

As a recent example, I recently published a story over at Medium of a lucid dream/OBE-like journey to the ancient temple site of Göbekli Tepe as it was in about 11,000 B.C. See that story here: DREAM ARCHAEOLOGY JOURNEY TO GOBEKLI TEPE


Once I formulated a choice and accepted my intent to travel back 40,000 years in time to visit Denisova Cave, I set out to make it happen. As I said, my preferred method to “get there” would be via a lucid dream or an OBE.

Many may be wondering about the difference between a lucid dream and an OBE and I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about that here. That’s because so much has been written and discussed elsewhere about that topic (or debate!).

There are differences, yes … maybe. However, my decades of experience with both lucid dreaming and the OBE that it often comes down to that old axiom: “It’s a distinction without a difference.”

Sure, it’s more complicated than that — but I’m leaving this discussion aside for now.

Some might also ask:

“Ken, if you manage to induce an extremely realistic lucid dream about traveling to Denisova Cave in 40,000 B.C., would not that experience merely be your own personal fantasy or dream experience, and not an actual, bona fide visit to that physical location in that time period?”

Well, compare this to the way the original military and U.S. intelligence remote viewers “traveled with their minds” to distant locations and returned with “actionable data” in cases where their data was confirmed. The success of remote viewers has continued to be supported by statistical analyses of hard data over many years.

Gathering intel or data via lucid dreaming or the OBE is similar to remote viewing — or can be. Indeed, remote viewers sometimes report that they “traveled” to their target location in OBE fashion.

Of course, skeptics don’t accept any of this, but then the skeptics refuse to accept anything that does not comport with their predetermined ideas about what is real and what is not real, data or no data.

Again, I’m going to leave this debate out of my narrative today. Rather, I am simply going to report what I experienced, and all readers are free to judge for themselves about the efficacy of my report.


So, in brief, my method was to lie down and compose my mind into a meditative state. In my first attempts, I “cooled down” my busy mind using headphones to listen to an enhanced form of binaural beats.

Specifically, I used an audio technology called Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) developed by The Monroe Institute.

Before doing so, I set my intention which was simply this:

“I will travel back 40,000 years in time and visit the site in Siberia known as Denisova Cave.”

I was not successful the first time — nor did I make it on the next 1,000+ attempts.

Little did I know that my intent to travel to ancient Siberia would produce “absolutely nothing” for the next three years. I lost count at maybe 1,000 attempts — but I’m sure I tried some 1,500 to 2000 times.

Consider that there are 365 days in a year. I tried to travel back to Denisova 40,000 B.C. at least once every day/night, and sometimes two or three times a night.

My lack of success seemed odd to me since I have achieved so many other similar journeys to distant locations successfully. For example, I have made lucid dream/OBE trips to Mars, an ancient Scottish castle, a futuristic colony beneath the surface of the moon, Stonehenge, Göbekli Tepe, alternate dimensions, parallel universes and many other exotic destinations. Read about my visit to a parallel universe here:



After three years of frustration, I decided to ask a “powerful friend” if there was a reason I could not gain access to Denisova Cave in the year 40,000 B.C.

I opted to seek advice from an “entity” I have often channeled via the Ouija board for the past 30 years. Indeed, I cannot believe I did not think of this sooner!

The Ouija board “entity associate” I’m referring to identifies herself by the unusual name, “Mommy in the Nothing Chamber.

Above: Fan art conception of Mommy in the Nothing Chamber by Brian T

Indeed, the very first time I spoke with “Mommy” in the early 1990s, she leveraged her extraordinary “connections” to put me in contact with a group of Neanderthals — a clan called the O-TALA-O-BUNTU. You can read my story of Ouija contact with the Neanderthal O-TALA-O-BUNTU here:


So here is an edited excerpt of my Ouija transcript in which I consult with Mommy about my problems with hacking into Denisova Cave:

KEN: Mommy, I’m sure you are aware of my long-running attempt to project my consciousness to Denisova Cave in the year 40,000 B.C.?


KEN: Great! Can you tell me why my attempts have not been successful?


KEN: Wow! Is this shaman a Neanderthal or Denisovan or a hybrid thereof?


KEN: Um. O..k..a..y. Wow! Mommy, why was this “blocking charm” put in place?


(Note: Editing out here a discussion about who these “unfriendly beings” were or are).

KEN: Well, as you know, Mommy, my intentions are friendly and are only driven by my urge to seek knowledge and alleviate my curiosity. Can I leverage my positive and loving intentions to get beyond this “blocking charm” and gain access to the cave?


KEN: Okay! Mommy, do you have any advice as to how I can contact this ancient shaman of Denisova? Any tips or suggestions?”


KEN: All right then! You’re wonderful, Mommy! Thank you!


I’ll leave it there, but please keep in mind that this is an abbreviated and edited version of the transcript.


Now here is what blows my mind. After three years and 1,000 to possibly 2,000 attempts to “get into” Denisova cave without an iota of success, the very first time I composed myself to contact the Shaman of Denisova, I was successful! (Did Mommy help? Who knows!)

Here is how it played out:

Once again, I reclined on my bed and composed myself to enter a meditative state. The time was about 2 a.m. and I was exhausted after a long day of writing, and then I had been outside practicing my “hobby” of orb photography for about three hours. (Note: see my article on orb photography here:


The intention I had set for myself was:

“I will meet the Neanderthal-Denisovan Medicine Man who has enforced a powerful ‘blocking charm’ around Denisova Cave.”

Because of my fatigued state, I felt my best chance of success this time would likely be a lucid dream more so than an OBE. Listening to the blissful intonations of Hemi-Sync Spatial Angle Modulation binaural beats, I quickly noticed my consciousness awareness began to drift and shift.

In the next instant, I felt a tremendous “rushing” sensation of flying through a dark space. After an indeterminate time — KER-BLAM! — I had arrived!

I found myself standing in a rugged, forested environment with deep snow everywhere. This was a landscape characterized by rocky gray outcroppings within a mountainous region.

Not greater than 100 yards distant from my position was Denisova Cave! It looked much the same as it did in the many pictures I have viewed.

Pictured above: Denisova Cave (Public Domain Photo)

My elation was nearly beyond containment! After all these years and thousands of attempts to transport myself here — I made it! I quickly tamped down my exuberance, however.

Based on my sustained experiences, I know powerful emotions can easily collapse the delicate lucid dream state (or OBE state) like a pin popping a soap bubble.

But my joy was soon dampened for another reason. As I moved toward the opening of Denisova Cave, I felt the massive resistance of some mysterious force — it felt like a magnetic repulsion — as if I was one pole of a magnet and the cave was the other pole.

I thought to myself: “Ah, the deflector shield of the shamanic charm! I cannot penetrate it!” And I also thought:

“How can I hack the charm’s energetic barrier? Can I penetrate it to gain access to the mouth of the cave and get inside?”

I made several attempts, but every time I stepped closer to the cave opening, I was repulsed by the crackling energy of the protective charm ramping up its vigor, pushing me back relentlessly.

I wasn’t about to give up!

I considered deploying my ENERGY BAR TOOL to see if it could “unlock” the charm, but I decided against it. I reasoned that this might be perceived as provocative or aggressive. (Note: For instructions on how to construct your own Energy Bar Tool, go hereEBT.)

I opted instead to walk up the slope and climb to a position on the left side of the cave. Even though this was a dream-like environment, I found that I could not fly or simply “will” myself to the location I wanted.

Indeed, the feeling of being there was so organic and “real,” it was as if I was walking with my physical body in any normal, waking-world, earth-bound hiking destination.

Thankfully, as a northern Minnesotan, I was able to deftly handle clambering up an area of densely packed snow and ice which, nevertheless, was characterized by some areas of softer drifts of deeper snow.

My circuitous route to the side of the cave allowed me to avoid the repulsing force of the shamanic charm as long as I kept a certain distance. Unfortunately, once I arrived at a spot level with the cave opening, I found myself at an impasse.

What now? I could not walk toward the cave opening because the force of the charm pushed me back when I got too close.

Just as I was thinking this — a stunning development!


Directly to an area above my left shoulder, the snowbank there began to shift and stir on its surface. It looked as if something was beneath the snow and was now emerging. I looked on with rapt fascination as the figure of a “man” began to rise out from under the snowbank.

The way this happened was odd: It was as if the man had been lying flat on his back beneath the snow — and now he rose upward while still in a horizontal position — it was like he was levitating upward while remaining in his prone position.

Presently, the man cleared the snow and then tilted forward on his heels to come to a standing position facing me. This person I now encountered just 20 feet away was of astounding appearance!

Beyond a doubt, I had a “knowingness” that this was the Neanderthal-Denisovan Shaman I had set my intention to meet on this journey.

Below, at left, is my crude & amateurish sketch of the figure who arose from the snow. At right is an AI-generated image based on my descriptive prompts. The rigidity of his look in my sketch is on purpose because when he first arose from the snow, he displayed this stiff manner & posture. After a minute, he stood more at ease.

Above: Neanderthal-Denisovan Shaman. Sketch at left by KEN KORCZAK and the image at right is an AI-generated image based on my descriptive prompts © KEN KORCZAK

I was electrified by this unexpected confrontation. Time stood still. I took in the full appearance of this muscular figure — sinewy biceps & powerful forearms that looked hatchet-hewn from oak trees.

His upper legs were knotty trunks of rugged muscle. His skin was brownish bronze with undertones of red, much like Native Americans of the Southwest United States.

Despite the frosty-cold environment, and the fact this individual had been submerged beneath a layer of icy, crusty snow, his chest and arms were mostly bare.

The glistening snow now melted against his chest, shoulders and torso evinced the vibe of an “oiled bodybuilder” — except everything about this magnificent individual was rough, craggy, weathered and earthy.

He exuded a palpable aura of power — both in terms of sheer, massive physical strength — but more so by a resonating, electromagnetic Qi energy field radiating from his soma.

His waist was gird in animal skins. Furry pelts hung from one shoulder and draped loosely here and there about his torso and upper chest. Tied to his midsection was a leather pouch. I also noticed elements of minimalist “jewelry” — hammered bangles of pyrite, nature-polished stones, implements of antler bone and fetishes fashioned from mammoth tusk ivory.

But it was one specific implement that evoked within me a profound emotional response. Resting in his right hand was his shaman’s staff. This is difficult to explain, but seeing his staff sent a wave of profound sentiment washing through my soul. These feelings were an inchoate combination of:

  • Intense homesickness
  • Deeply nuanced melancholy
  • Subtle, suppressed joy — a sense of hope
  • A plaintive longing to taste the mysteriousness of life
  • A sense of the tragic tempered by a latent and/or subdued triumph

I apologize if this seems difficult to grasp, but I’m struggling with the limited capacity of ordinary words to communicate deeper sensations of numinal meaningfulness that are beyond the description of linear language forms.

The types of thoughts and emotions often “crash into” one’s consciousness while exploring altered states of reality.

Upon seeing his staff, I thought of my own shaman’s staff, and I now longed for its feeling in my hand. My painful thought was:

“My personal implement of consciousness exploration is back home in Minnesota! I and my staff am separated from Siberia not only by thousands of physical miles — but 40,000 years of time!

Above: Energy practice and “orb channeling” using my shaman’s staff. Photos by Ken Korczak


  • Will I be able to convince the Neanderthal-Denisovan Shaman to allow me access inside the cave?
  • I Meet two more Neanderthal-Denisovan shamans.
  • Does the “Shaman Triad” have other plans for me? An unexpected, incredible “side journey!”
  • The “Tortured Neanderthal,” the Totem Lion and my connection to both.
  • My journey back to Minnesota, our present time and grappling with meanings.


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